The Long Road Behind Continued

Posted: February 1, 2019 in Opinions and Observations
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One night I was struggling with the towel over my head breathing in the incense-like vapors. My older brother David walked by and mentioned that it smelled a lot like marijuana. I was not familiar with his reference at the time. So when I was feeling better he filled me in on what pot was and that it was illegal but lots of people thought it was fun to do.

A few years later I was walking around in the city parks on a hot summer day (as I have a tendency to do). I met friends hanging out on the hill side and stopped to talk. One pulled out a joint and asked me if I wanted some. No personal experience here, but I knew more than years ago so I said sure. Almost immediately I felt comfortable and not scared or worried. After smoking I did not feel ‘buzzed’ or ‘stoned’ or ‘hi’. In fact, I felt almost nothing. Almost.

For almost a year I smoked marijuana and never did get the affects people talked about. At this point you are probably asking, ‘well, then why did you continue to smoke the stuff?’. I am not a doctor and even if I was US laws prevent doctors from testing pot. But when I smoked I felt relaxed. It reduced the panic I felt not only during an asthma attack but also doing things that were known to trigger them. During an attack I quickly calmed down after smoking it and I could lose my concentration on trying to breathe and focus on other things that did not make me panic. I stopped taking the other medications and tests.

After about a year I walked around a small pond at another local park and like a number of other people and animals….. I started walking in the shallow pool to cool down and enjoy the day. As I mentioned, there were a number of people and animals in the water at the time the police drove by, but only four people were pulled out and threatened with being “taken in”. Looking back I should not have been surprised that each of us ‘criminals’ were young and had long hair.

After the police men finally let us go (while others were still walking in the waters) I naturally started chatting with the others. They asked me if I wanted to hang out with them. I did not drive yet so I joined them on a beautiful day. They drove around and one of them mentioned wanting to get stoned. They were older than I was (college kids, I think) and they took really good care of me and checked to make sure I was OK. We stopped by one of their friends houses and bought some hash. I was not familiar with this but basically the same stuff only concentrated. We drove to their house, put on some music and then they got out the pipe.

That was when things really changed. The road got a little bit shorter that day, but the story continues.

  1. Bioman says:

    This reads well – I look forward to the next instalment.


  2. Soul Gifts says:

    I hope this wasn’t the beginning of a slippery slope downhill as it often is. On another note entirely, marijuana is now used for medicinal purposes and people report good results with pain management etc. It is yet to be legalised here in Australia, but the debate rages hot. A lot of people use a liquid extract.


    • midimike says:

      I think the thing that helped me avoid ending at the bottom, of the hill was my experiences with medicines. I stopped taking all of them because of the way they made me feel. I need to be in control of my mind and body. When I was feeling fine I was a monkey on steroids! I climbed walls, houses, trees, poles, wrestled, biked, etc. etc. It was easier to give up medicine that made me feel ‘fuzzy’ but reduced attacks than being a kid and acting like a monkey.
      The US is very slow on many social issues but the use and study of MM is gaining momentum. Who knows…….. maybe I will live to see that for both our countries!

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  3. Oh, you bring back memories with this one, Mike!


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