Posted: January 10, 2019 in family
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Last week I returned home from a short visit with my daughter and her family.

Last month I turned 65 and quit my labor intensive warehouse job.

Last year I enrolled in Medicare.

I am a procrastinator.  I rationalize my symptoms.  I laugh at me looking for a way to postpone trivial things all the time.

A lot of conditions are starting to be classified and quantified and turned into another annoying sound bite.  Dyslexia, obsessive compulsion and attention deficit disorders, anxiety, being introverted and living with depression are just part of the long list. When I was growing up and entering grade school no one talked about these things.  Few could diagnose and some treatments were still in the future.  At least I now know what some of the things I have been dealing with all my life are called, lol. 

Evidently there wasn’t anything extreme or I would be dead or in a prison somewhere or in an alcoholic state of bliss.  (IYou – Them)  Just enough to make IYT ‘odd’.  Just enough so IYT know we are different.  IYT literally see things differently than the other school mates and friends.  IYT understand things from a different point of view.  Where others find life fun, IYT see nothing but challenges and embarrassments.

It is funny growing older and learning of medical conditions over the years on the news and go, “OH!  That’s what I have!”  Of course, I procrastinate.

But back to rationalizations.

You have heard of Spring Cleaning.  Every season you get everything out and dust it off.  Some you decide to keep and some memorabilia is lucky to find another home.  Even if it is only for the hope of being uncovered again in the future.  Now think of that process in decades.  Other than family and friends, what have you accumulated over all the years that is truly worth anything?

I have an old photo in a frame of my late sister and her husband.  It needs a new home.  For days it has been sitting on my desk.  I see it every day.  I procrastinate.  I feel moods change whenever I look at the photo.  I wait.  I need to find the right place for it.

I am sure it will be obvious                                 in the future. 

  1. tracihalpin says:

    Happy birthday!🎁🎈🎂 So since you aren’t working what do you do with all your precious time, besides take care of your ailments?! Lol
    My dad is 81 and has lymphoma, lung cancer in remission, a stent in his heart, and heart disease, but you would never know it. He operates the same, except for naps! My mom is 76 and has heart failure at 38 percent and a stent in her heart. And she is the same except for brain not fully functioning due to heart not pumping properly, memory, confusion, but overall okay. You sound okay too. I read about your allergies. That must have been so hard as a child. My daughter had an attack like that and had to go to the ER. She could hardly breathe. She kept trying to suck in air with this horrid sound. Her lungs were clear. Dr said it was her allergies and the pipes were irritated and inflamed. You would have thought she had pneumonia. I couldn’t understand how she had clear lungs. Now I do. They gave her morphine cough syrup and steroids. And yes the allergy test is still the needles and board. And we all procrastinate! -;)


    • midimike says:

      Thanks! No work for now. I am looking to volunteer or find a feel-good job close by.
      As far as not working, I just got past the guilty-for-not-doing-something-every-minute stage. I am able to sit and think or enjoy the moment. I have many projects that I have been wanting to work on for years. I may be too old to do it now, but some of those things are still on the list.
      My asthma and allergies at an early age did manage to teach me simple life-lessons that have helped me in many ways. I learned early on that exercise, certain foods and all the other things like pets and mold have an affect on my health. At an early age I started tracking what I eat to know their effects. I learned better ways to complete a physical task so it did not trigger an attack. I learned to avoid the allergens whenever possible. I think I am relatively healthy and in good shape to meet retirement! Your daughter may benefit from her experience as well.
      Thanks for checking in on me and I wish your family well.

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  2. tracihalpin says:

    Sounds good! I like the idea of a feel good job or volunteering. Enjoy your projects. Hope you are all well too.


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