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In frequent conversations with my family we talk about articles and posts from fellow bloggers and how glad we are that we have met an amazing group of talented people. Many of us have challenges to deal with and we use creativity to describe and/or deal with those challenges.  You never fail to amaze and inspire me.  From articles that are so funny I can’t stop laughing to personal experiences that are so moving I try not to cry, I look forward to your blog posts and comments.  There are those in this community I will keep learning from.  The more we learn of each other, the more natural it would seem if we could actually meet.

That is when our conversation shifts to what would you do if you won the lottery or big inheritance (the latter is not possible for me – but still more likely than winning the lottery!!)?  We discussed that it would be really cool if we could arrange a common time and place on the globe where we could all meet.  Or travel the globe and meet you each one at a time.  It would be amazing for me to compare my internal images of fellow bloggers and compare them to actually meeting you.  I feel like I know many of you already and I do not think that I would be very surprised by the ‘person’ you are.  But I’ll bet in spite of my internal images, I would not recognize any of you if I met you on the street!  I would love to record and document the entire meeting.  Interview everyone, even have you sing on a few of my songs if you are up for it.  Create a community blog of the event.  Give promised hugs to a number of you.  To see the eyes behind the words.  To hear you laugh.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the blog and the openness we can achieve by that same separation. I don’t want a bunch of you knocking on my door at all hours – though I might want to knock on yours!!

Gotta go now and buy my lottery ticket!





I would like to post another set of pictures from a Maui trip years ago.  It reminds me again of the power and force nature puts behind everything on this planet.  As an observer, viewer or bystander, we sometimes miss the true impact.  But when you are in its presence the impressions can be astounding.  My wife and are were standing on our porch a few nights ago watching a lightning storm pass over our house.   Heavy rain at times kept us close to the house. We watched the storm move – pointing out lightning strikes and the strength of related thunder We noted of their distance.  I had just said something about bolts traveling a good distance before going to ground as the last distant thunder receded.

As we looked in the direction of the storm, we were both immediately jettisoned into hyper-awareness as a bright ball flared and jumped between the rain clouds and a huge oak tree in our yard.  We were frozen by a sound I cannot describe and the combined impact of thunder and electricity so close to us.  It looked like the massive trunk of the tree pulsed or absorbed the bolt. The next day we saw long strips of bark blasted out in front of the tree, which otherwise continues to appear as if it was not affected at all.  I wish I had my camera at the time but the odds are poor and it would not describe the event.  Our ears were ringing for a along time.

These pictures also try to show you the force behind the waves hitting the rough coast line. Caves and then chimneys are created over the eons as water blasts against the walls of the cave and the resulting giant water gun looks like a geyser spouting out of the rock.  From above, I thought the water was inviting and almost gentle.  As I stood on the top of the cave next to the chimney spout, it was calm and peaceful and I let my guard down.  Every rock and terrace suddenly underwater created a wide pool, with a huge drain in the middle!  Difficult to show in pictures or describe here, but when a strong wave hit inside those cave walls It forced a small lake of water up in the air directly above me.  As it returned to earth with me in its path, it rose from a stream to a tidal wave and I barely had time to crouch down and get a good solid stance. It almost toppled me over and for all I know could have washed me back into the blow hole or over a wall that might as well have been to oblivion!

Pictures can only remind us of that power.  Predictable and gentle events are mild and you can prepare for them, and learn.

Thinking about a recent post where we shared our first concert experiences, I was reminded about my first concert to see The Grateful Dead. I was fairly young and the environment was overwhelming and exciting.

We used to play one of their songs called “Mr. Charlie”. The Grateful Dead are off beat by nature and this is one of their songs most people have not heard.  I recorded this cover song a couple years ago and decided to pull it out of the ‘deep-freeze’ and post it for the fun of it.

When I was in cover bands, we were pretty much forced to play main stream or currently airing songs.  I would suggest the unknown songs often but understood when we played only a few.  This one never got the approval either, but the core group used to warm up on this one and I just like the flavor of the song.

Credits to The Grateful Dead.  This is my Ovation 12 String guitar and I do a little harmony.  Hope you have a little fun with this as well.

Check out this fantastic story about me!

It’s hard to speak out when you live in fear.
You can’t protect me if you are never here.
You can not give me what you never had.
Juries rarely protect the good from the bad.

You can’t take me where you’re not willing to go.
You can not teach me what you don’t even know.
It’s better to be quiet, kneel down and pray
And then hope to god that it all goes away.

But I can take care of myself.
I’ve learned from people like you.
Now, I can take care of myself.
I am aware, like you.

Learn to hold on to me and to never let go.
There’s so much inside me I want you to know.
Hoped to support you and not get in your way
I tried to stay quiet when there was so much to say

You helped me take care of myself
And I always believed in you.
Now we can take care of our selves
Aware; our children, and you.

So many secrets are whispered, then buried inside
You keep on running but just want to curl up and hide
You know you have the answer but you don’t have a clue.
You had it right once but couldn’t believe it was true.

The past is hidden but has still taken its toll.
Stand up and look around at the beauty of it all.
Every day is better and the endless nights are gone.
Face each day as you did the last, dedicated and strong.

(c) MSK

I have pointed out on more than one occasion that I have a difficulty remembering names and dates.  This took its toll in my History grades for sure, but also had dramatic effects growing up and through adulthood.  For this I do not apologize other than try to work on ways to reduce that block.  I also acknowledge it and inform others that it is not intentional.  In two minutes I will forget your name.  It is nothing personal.  If I had a pen and paper I would write it down and if I can discretely enter in my cell phone I do.  If not, your name is gone.  I will remember your voice and the conversation.  I might be able to remember your face, but that is not guaranteed either.

Fellow bloggers’ names I will trigger more by the Picture/logo/Avatar and tag-line than the personal name.  From time to time I will post songs and lyrics from members of the center core I mentioned earlier.  I will feature other artists I have worked with as well. For many, I simply do not know the names of the many band members I have recorded or worked with.  I hope they will contact me so I can give them credit for all their works and talent.

To that point I do not overlook or diminish the writing partnerships I have had.  In the early years we did not think of copyrights or co-authorship.  We never discussed mechanical licensing or royalties.  Digital rights weren’t even a dream in the Product Development plans.  Pay-per-Click (PPC) wasn’t until years in the future.  Yet, here we are.

I feel I need to mention that my brother C David Kennedy has been referred to in a number of my posts while relaying the earlier years of poetry and song writing.  He is especially proud of his involvement in a few songs I have previously posted; “Red on Your Blue Suede Shoes”(c), “Quiet Nights”(c), “The Pleasure Tax”(c) and “Miracles in Your Hand”©.


Although I did not take this picture, it is one my wife took that I think you will enjoy.  If you have not had this perspective it is hard to fully appreciate the feeling of being above the clouds – while your feet are still on the ground!  If you have been able to see this for yourself, you probably want to have that feeling and view back again and again.

We were on vacation in Maui, HI.  There were so many beautiful and awesome areas I must have taken hundreds of pictures and my wife took many more.  As we gawked at the beauty in front of us, invariably we would turn around and see something just as spectacular.  That became the theme of our vacation; if you see something beautiful……. TURN AROUND!


“Criminal” © MSK 9-4-2013

Got some extra cash, future looks grand
Give my girl a call and make some plans.
Working hard and things are going great
Take her out on the town and celebrate.

After dinner we take in a show
Meet some old friends that wanna go.
Hangin out, talking a little shop
When all of a sudden we see the cop.

Busted for possession of a little pot
They threw us in jail and left us to rot.
Took pictures and prints and after one call
Each one of us became a criminal.

Cancer started early and spread so fast
Time is measured in pain, not weeks that have passed.
Morning to night alone and feeling ill
Insurance companies refused to help pay the bill.

Not born to money, fame or wealth
Struggling just to maintain her health.
No medications working at this point
But she finds relief by smoking a joint.

Busted for buying from an undercover cop
They threw her in a cell and left her to rot.
Ridiculous penalties for a ridiculous law
We just turned her into a criminal.

No addiction, violence or inability to think
Nothing compared to meth, coke or a few drinks.
I just find it bordering psychotic
To punish marijuana use like a narcotic.

Laws often made of bribes and cash
Make it illegal to keep a private stash.
Politicians, drug-lords and all of their friends
Hope this money making game never ends.