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Let me get this straight;
You worked all your life to be this?
So many opportunities to learn and grow
Yet here you remain, still.

Asking me to wait;
As if you found the life of bliss?
Doesn’t matter to me if I will ever know
You’re The Only One who will.

In a world full of half-truths and disrespect.
The Only One
Reality converted – digest and dissect.
The Only One

So much given yet;
You feel you should complain, complain?
Hard to remember lies so move on to the next
Double down, dumber, dumber.

In a world full of half-truths and disrespect.
The Only One
Reality perverted – digest and dissect.
The Only One

We land inside another chance?
But it looks so much like The Other Ones
You are a song with no beginning.
A chorus that never ends.

A song with no beginning.
A chorus that never ends. A chorus that never ends. A chorus that never ends. A chorus that never ends.

As usual, I like to share pictures of my local parks and city when the seasons change. Climate change is here and things are slowly changing.

I hope you enjoy a few pictures from Ault Park and extensions of the Wasson Way path.

Here are the latest pictures of the continuing Wasson Way bike path, part of Cincinnati’s CROWN project. Along with other acquisitions the city is using old railroad tracks and bridges to connect areas of our city that were split into fragments (like so many others) when the major highways were built.

The new section connects Wasson Way Trails I have shared before with my favorite park in the city – Ault Park. For years as I was growing up Ault park was left to disarray from lack of care and budget. Recently restored and now connected to another area of the city, even more communities will be able to enjoy this small jewel. I think the path looks great, and I love the hill sign for bikers!

I mentioned before that one of the more painful things about getting old is inheriting stuff from your friends that are either no longer able to access older technology or loved ones that checked out of life before you do.

Recently, many wonderful musical things of no real value have found a home in my house. Some make noise, some record noise, some avoid noise, but all have been turned into music by friends of mine for decades. The memories and cave-man-level responses to sounds from the past hits me hard. You probably grew up hearing these sounds, but you might have been in the womb or soon after to this world when hearing them. These toys literally created most of the pop – rock and country music you grew up to. The list is too long for TV and commercial applications.

Anyway, unless you know what this stuff is (and things weren’t small in those days) and how to make it work it might as well be a pyramid that becomes nothing a storage problem. As usual, I digress.

Recently, I was given half a ton of old 45 rpm vinyl records.

But not the ones you buy at a store. To avoid another really interesting connected tangent, I will simply say that these came from a company where my wife worked. It was one company and then absorbed then another company and Clear Channel picked them up when their critical mass became too big to ignore. I apologize for the brevity, as most people won’t be interested, but they conducted surveys for radio stations across the US.

They condensed the song – ALL of the songs you would likely hear on commercial radio decades ago – to a 5 or 10 second “hook“. Whatever it was that identified the song to listeners was the hook. They conducted thousands of live – in – person paid surveys across the country to get listener’s opinions of the NEW artist or POTENTIAL new hit. These are not for sale and not available at the stores. My people know I can still use vinyl and other technologies but more importantly I can take care of them.

This brings me to another tangent I cannot avoid. So many of the treasures I have been given are no longer operable or salvageable. A little more thought in storage would have turned so many of these treasures into true gems. Rust, mold, misuse – no use, all take their toll. My stuff still works. From the time I was in high school forward. I bought good equipment and accessories and I took care of them because I knew I could not afford to replace them.

I finally get to the point to this post. I have hundreds of records. My wife worked for years watching literally thousands of bands and their best efforts to make it big. Yes, I heard many of those as well. Some were interesting, some were cool and most were painful. But the thing I am getting to after listening to each 45 record after the other is a simple but powerful message if you are trying to ‘get a deal’: Don’t spend all your energy creating the GREAT HOOK. I hear failure after failure after failure trying to be something you are not. Maybe you have to be cute or edgy to get noticed. Just make it your own edge.

ANY of these bands produced records and demo’s that are much better than my in-home singer/songwriter efforts. They have money and backers and investors looking for the next best thing. But the great hooks are organic and time-locked so you are chasing a dream. So much potential dedicated to making your band sound like someone or something else already out there. To fit the cookie-cutter rather than make the cookie shape. It could be said I make the cookie shape and I am not famous. Mine is not a formula for success.

There are famous artists in this small collection so many do succeed, though I see so many failures because they are trying to find the magic lamp. Stop looking for it and create one for yourself. If it was that easy I would not be sitting here, lol. In the future I will share some of these records. They are not for sale, but I am not sure that means they are not for share.

Here is a record by Gipsy Kings I thought was pretty cool.

A small dedication to Ukraine and President Zelensky.

I can’t wait any longer for humanity to grow up.
Life is obvious and so is love.
Unrestricted power makes it complicated
Never know what kings are thinking of.

Tyrants come and go but they leave so much destruction.
Rulers often choose an Iron Glove.
Their power comes from feeling no one’s pain
Or false privileges from Above.

Empty people rule with an Iron Glove
Energy to build used as energy to burn.
I just can’t wait any longer
For humanity to learn.

I understand the desire to leave this planet.
Never was a fan of push and shove.
Given the choices most people have
It is obvious the best is none of the above.

Empty people rule with an Iron Glove
Energy to build used as energy to burn.
I just can’t wait any longer
For humanity to learn.

It’s easy to feel helpless watching the world fall apart.
Easier to be the hawk than the dove.
There are no prayers that comfort the oppressed
They would prefer the silence and ending thereof.