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This song was originally a vocal jam to a new synth bass line I came up with using a sound I created on my Arp Odyssey. It just had a good tempo and a nice feel, so I called it the big ‘D’ jam. (yep, it is in the key of D). The vocal scat became repeated lyrics and the song became one of my first original contributions to the duo and later a trio I formed with my brother in law Ric Ahlers called ‘The Personal Touch’. Later I would use that section of the lyrics for an updated piece I called “Bookin’”, cause the is the main feeling when I drive and listen to the song. Not sure anymore what the lyrics are about. I know something about observations of beautiful women pretending to be unapproachable. What do you expect from 1984, George?

A little while ago I posted a poem called “Reflections”. I recently turned the poem into lyrics.

This might be a good time to detail my recording process a bit. As I write and record my own songs, I am trying (in my mind) to create a working demo of the song. Something you can listen to and get a good idea of the song and it’s potential if performed and/or recorded by an established band or artist. Because I play most of the instruments on my recordings and I do most of the singing, I know there is a lot of room for improvement. I am not the best guitarist, pianist, or vocalist around, but I write really good songs. I get them ‘good enough’ and then I move on to the next song I am writing or to the next project I am working on.

When I post my songs they are fresh from the mixing board and have not been edited and cleaned up like a formal studio version. As with my new release on CDBaby called, “The Enemies in Your Head”, the versions available on-line through Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube Music, Pandora and the rest have been mixed but also mastered to make them sound a bit more professional.

“Reflections” will be on my next release, but if you use any of the services above and dozens more, you can listen to my music by searching for my name or CD names.

Hint: If you search for Michael Kennedy you will probably not find me. There are a lot of us!

If you do an artist search for Michael S ——- or —– Michael S. Kennedy you will see my releases. They are available for download and the entire CD sounds better streaming after the mastering process.

Any way, here is “Reflections”, hot off the press.


A playful look how childhood school experiences that could have scarred some students shape those that see the deeper lesson is so much more important. I was always the little guy in class and I have deal with more than my share of bullies and spoiled rich

Another example of my lyrics stating the obvious. Observations that your boss or grandmother would say all the time, but no one would listen! Even someone that makes a living gambling know you never win without playing.

I’m not as strong or as sober as I think.
Each idea becomes better with every drink.
Once enchanted as I looked around the bar
Memories are distant Reflections of who we are.

Security, peace and the comforts of home
Seems not to matter when you are all alone.
Borders raised to protect everything we see
In the end our dreams were never meant to be.

Interstellar travel is nothing but a thought.
What you have is worthless if it can’t be bought.
Fantasies are realities living on sacred ground
Where the blinking of a million eyes never made a sound.

Reflections of who we are

I’m not as strong or as sober as I think.
Each idea becomes better with every drink.
Once enchanted as I looked around the bar
Memories are distant Reflections of who we are.

Once enchanted as I looked around the bar
Memories are distant Reflections of who we are.

I’m not as strong or as sober as I think.
Each idea becomes better with every drink.

I have witnessed a lot of beautiful relationships that seemed as solid as anything I will ever know crumble into bitterness and hate. A couple that I knew for example, infatuated with each other. Over the years each flaw and glance became unbearable and cruel. What was once cute is disgusting. From my point of view nothing had changed. They were both the same people as always. How they are seeing has changed, not what.

I really enjoy posting pictures of new growth after a cold winter in southern Ohio. I know it gets worse – or better – elsewhere but we can get some pretty extreme weather from time to time. Most winter days here are cold, drab, grey, and pretty short. Even in the spring and summer the skies are overcast and grey. Not like polution. More like low hanging clouds so you never see blue skies, or the sun for that matter lol.

But this year it seems like spring keeps popping up in little pockets and hidden corners. It is warm enough many plants feel it it worth a shot to come out now.

I guess this is a sign of years to come. Climate change is all over the news everyday now. The effects are here and more to come. If no deep freeze comes at us just when things are starting to bloom like it usually does and kills all the blooms, it could be rather pretty around here in the spring.

Maybe I will get to post flower pictures more often. I hope you enjoy.

I must have been thinking about the cliché trophy wives (or husbands). So you marry the prom queen or rich kid and now you are stuck with someone you can’t even talk to. Maybe thinking that the cover of the book wears thin after a while.

A guide to the illusion and power of glitter. From a distance or at a glance the city is sparkling and alive. Once attracted to the beauty, the spiders surround you in their web and suck your savings dry. No matter how much the glittery thing costs, it’s hard to take it back!

It is true.

The definition of insanity IS doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Doing something over and over while improving and perfecting is the definition of musicianship (or artistry in general).

Give your local artist a hug. They are the sane ones.

Practice does not make perfect: Perfect practice makes perfect.