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As I look back on the songs and projects I have been involved in I also want to share with you projects from the core of artists I grew up with that influenced me to do more and get better in my craft. I have a good number of writings to pick from.  Here is a set of lyrics from my older brother David.  I have mentioned him a few times already so I wanted to give you some examples of his writing.

This is a song called “Singing Wheels”.  It was written in February of 1977. We have a lot of themes about driving and being on the road.  We often contrast between city life and nature as we are drawn almost equally to both. The song has beautiful chords and the melody is haunting with a fluid motion that fits the lyrics quite well.  I will post the song in the future.  At this point, the boy is able to see the man he became!  Perspective is amazing from decades later.

Singing Wheels”  © 1977 C David Kennedy

The lights of the city spread like stars below me

Traffic swirls around me as I leave.

And time moves slowly in a car that’s moving swift

I guess you call it relativity.


If the boy I was could see

The man that he became

He’d be pretty happy I suppose.

But the best things about him

Were just ballast for the flight

His hopes are dim and his dreams are tame.


And while Singing Wheels spin over whispered lullabies

My car eats the highway in the rain

Windshield wipers tell a tale rhythmic and serene

And thunder mourns the crying of the skies.


I have often been approached with questions about which product to buy and what is the best way to spend money.  I have been in sales for decades, so it is a natural connection.  I have a lot of experience in quickly consuming owners manuals and comparing products and pricing.  Almost any product; even if I have never heard of it.  So there are things to look into and I do a crash course on the subject and condense information and separate hype.  I want to share some product reviews with you.  Short – fun – and informative, but on stuff I actually own and use.  I am also open to requests or suggested topics.  We’ll see how and where it goes through the new year.

Recently, I received a cool gift for Christmas and it’s something I knew very little about.  In short, it is a mini quadcopter or tiny drone.  Specifically, the Hubsan H107D.   This thing is small and mighty.  Ready to go after charging and placing the battery in the quadcopter, I was flying it in no time.  As I have not had a remote control unit before I took it very slow and safe.  Indoors for the first few days and with the protective shield, I learned how to keep it fairly stable and maneuver from room to room without breaking anything.  It is fairly easy to ‘trim’ or stabilize for flight.  Once outside use the Expert Mode so you can fight the gusts of wind that can really grab this little guy.  The manual is not extremely detailed but you can find the info easily.

This thing is tiny as I mentioned but it also has a built in camera.  You get a real-time feed to the flight controller display.  If I ever get good at it, it is possible to literally fly the H107D by using the camera feed as a front pilot view (FPV).  An SD card enables you to record the flight.  Simple.  Easy.  I did have a difficult time playing back the card through my PC, but that might be another issue with Windows 10 as mentioned in an impromptu product review a while back!

The battery life is short and the charge time is king, so plan on buying additional batteries and a multi-charger is a good bet as well.  Once you start flying this thing and see how high it goes (and how fast), you will be doing a lot more flying.  Spare parts and other accessories are easy to find on-line and you can repair the unit yourself with the modular components.  Pretty slick and there is a fairly big following of people using and getting very intense with this machine.

Less than $200.00 with additional accessories I mentioned and you can have lots of fly time.  Take it easy but if you drop it or hit something hard you can replace almost anything easily with the exception of internal guts (main board, camera etc.)

See their site and this link for a quick flight video.  I may post some of mine soon!

The Wrong Reply

Posted: January 25, 2016 in Poetry
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I want to be alone tonight

Don’t want to be at home tonight

I think I’ll walk around

Follow every sound

I just can’t believe the things I see

I could never deny

With a gift for the wrong reply

You have to think all day

Of what you’re going to say

But you’ll never get the chance

I’m not looking for something that isn’t there. 

I’m not looking for something that isn’t there. 

Not in the quiet of the light

Or the movement in the night.

Didn’t see when it began

Couldn’t tell you where I am

I’ve gone so many miles

Heard something all the while

And I know it wasn’t you or me.    


© Michael S Kennedy

I had a theme for lyrics slowly coming together for the last few days.  On the edge of being complete I centered on the idea of how wonderful and supportive it is to have your loved ones with you to start each day.  To wake up together and face the challenges and the glory of each day. Yeah, I am a romantic in many ways, but those are the things I think about when I don’t concentrate.  For me – THAT IS THE KEY.  My lyric and melody ideas come from observation and experience, not from a lyric making template and time schedule tune-creator cookie cutter band in your box session.

I sat, as I am now;  sitting at my computer looking out the window and my small yard.  Birds at the feeder, squirrels trying to get what the birds spill, and most often a gentle breeze.  And I came up with the first chorus in 30 seconds or so.  It just summed up the things that make me happy with what I have done so far in my life and why looking forward is so precious.

The second verse was another theme that became clear once I had the idea for the chorus.  I have had a few conversations lately with friends and family with a noticeably different view of the future.  AS I get older and plan the future as much as possible I realize now some of the things I am planning will be the last time in my life that I will probably do it again.

I don’t look forward to doing things for the first time as we did growing up, I am looking forward to the last time.  And that brought me to the second chorus; I look forward to watching children and grand children learning and doing things for the first time.  (Helping when you can and staying the hell out of the way for most of it!)

The first and last verses try to summarize a belief that I have; If you are quiet and listen to each other, you will earn their love.

Now that I have written the lyrics and shown to a friend, he put a great song and melody to it.  We are going into my studio over the next few weeks to arrange the song and record a rough demo.  Then we will have other friends add finishing parts (like vocals again…. anyone know a great vocalist??!!) and do the final recording and mix.

I thought it would be fun to post the various stages of this project so you can see a little how these things develop from concept to final mix.   I will post the lyrics now and promise not to share too many variations as this is a trial and error process with lots of suggestions and compromises.

For now, the lyrics:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“My Heart Is Silent” © MSK 12-30-2015


I will close my eyes

If you will be there when they reopen.

My Heart Is Silent

Still listening to thoughts you have spoken.


As the Firsts in life

Moving full circle to become their Last,

Looking forward is

Much quicker than unwinding the past.


My Heart Is Silent

My needs are few;

A space to breathe

And living with you.


Waiting for you

Unwilling to think you might not return.

Letting you go

I’ve always known your love is something I had to earn.


My Heart Is Silent

My needs are few;

Watching children grow

And living with you.


I will close my eyes

If you will be there when they reopen.

My Heart Is Silent

Listening to thoughts you have spoken.



In the back of my mind

there is a river

That flows quietly.

Echoes of the water

carried by the wind

Sung so beautifully.


Silently from the moonlight

Down into the ocean

May our eyes see.


From the mountains

tempting the dawn

Caressing the sky

Precious moments

last but only a blink of an eye.


(c) MSK

As I have a tendency to do, I was thinking about music over the weekend.  My thoughts drifted to how lucky I was to be born during a great musical period.  I have grown up and grown old with some amazing musical giants.  From The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and so many others, I have listened and learned from these greats.  My life has been shaped by many of their lives and works.

This morning I was sad to learn that another musical genius has died.  David Bowie was a musical and cultural force for decades.  A person who not only risked life outside the box, but created safe environments for many who did not feel included in the culture and philosophy of the masses.

Whether you liked his music and collaborations with others or not, it is hard to overlook the impact he had; not only on the music scene, but also the lives of many listeners that were encouraged to be creative, passionate and true to who they are as a person.  He helped us all understand that the very difference that make us strong as individuals, actually contributes to creating a healthy nation.

Thank you David for all you have done.  I will never forget.


I have my own thoughts on the New Year’s holiday and the events surrounding it.  Before I go off on my tangent, let me first tell you that I think the whole thing is confusing and misleading.  So many people start off turned around because it does not make sense.

If you think of beginnings, fresh starts, separation of seasons, then we should start the New Year on the same day as the First Day of Spring.  One of those equinox thingys that will happen again in March.  Winter: most things die or transform, only to jump back bigger and stronger every year.  To me this makes the way we look at nature, the seasons and the planet/sun relationships all make a bit more sense.   But here we are.  A New Year for many.

Is this a time of reflection on the year that was or are we better served looking forward to improving – growing – learning to do better in the coming year(s)?

I always try to learn from my mistakes and to change processes (or attitude, as needed!) to reflect successes.  Going over past injuries from ‘blind-spots” has limited positive potential for me.  I would rather look for the future blind-spots knowing that fixing the last year failure does not guarantee seeing the traps presented in the year to come, then prepare to take advantage of opportunities.

Do you reflect on the close of each year?  Make resolutions you should have already done? Guarantee to do better?  Or just have another day to party? LOL

Much success and happiness to all of you and your extended family and friends.  Be safe in the coming months and help make your community better for all.