As I look back on the songs and projects I have been involved in I also want to share with you projects from the core of artists I grew up with that influenced me to do more and get better in my craft. I have a good number of writings to pick from.  Here is a set of lyrics from my older brother David.  I have mentioned him a few times already so I wanted to give you some examples of his writing.

This is a song called “Singing Wheels”.  It was written in February of 1977. We have a lot of themes about driving and being on the road.  We often contrast between city life and nature as we are drawn almost equally to both. The song has beautiful chords and the melody is haunting with a fluid motion that fits the lyrics quite well.  I will post the song in the future.  At this point, the boy is able to see the man he became!  Perspective is amazing from decades later.

Singing Wheels”  © 1977 C David Kennedy

The lights of the city spread like stars below me

Traffic swirls around me as I leave.

And time moves slowly in a car that’s moving swift

I guess you call it relativity.


If the boy I was could see

The man that he became

He’d be pretty happy I suppose.

But the best things about him

Were just ballast for the flight

His hopes are dim and his dreams are tame.


And while Singing Wheels spin over whispered lullabies

My car eats the highway in the rain

Windshield wipers tell a tale rhythmic and serene

And thunder mourns the crying of the skies.

  1. Wonderful. I agree perspective is amazing. If only we didnt have to wait so long to see it sometimes. But thats part of the beauty of it.

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  2. I was relatively young when I wrote this. If you look back and ahead, you gain perspective. One quibble, the last line has no “the” in it.

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  3. lcwallingham says:

    Beautiful lyrics. Looking forward to the whole song.

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  4. Patrice says:

    Lovely as always 😀

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  5. Ah, I can see it runs through the family.

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  6. Azul Zaffre says:

    WOW, this is fabulous–beautifully lyrical, wonderful imagery, personal. I love it. Sounds like you and your brother are very close. I’m wondering if in the 2nd stanza, the word “bet” is meant to be “best”? Maybe not, just curious. Azul

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  7. Tracy says:

    I love the imagery in this, and boy, I can so relate to the theme of perspective. Thank you for sharing!

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  8. I agree…great lyrics and imagery…I am looking forward to the song.

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  9. tom robinson says:

    C David Kennedy’s lyrics are A+

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  10. Lovely lyrics. Can’t wait to hear the song.

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  11. rubiredsaid says:

    Well worded, thought out, and blended!

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  12. zumpoems says:

    Nice lines:

    “And while Singing Wheels spin over whispered lullabies”
    “Windshield wipers tell a tale rhythmic and serene
    And thunder mourns the crying of the skies.”

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    • midimike says:

      I will be working on recording this song in the ‘near’ future so you can hear how beautiful the chords are as well. They are a perfect fit in my opinion. The melody is gorgeous, and I say this easily as I did not write it!


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