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I must have been thinking about the cliché trophy wives (or husbands). So you marry the prom queen or rich kid and now you are stuck with someone you can’t even talk to. Maybe thinking that the cover of the book wears thin after a while.

A guide to the illusion and power of glitter. From a distance or at a glance the city is sparkling and alive. Once attracted to the beauty, the spiders surround you in their web and suck your savings dry. No matter how much the glittery thing costs, it’s hard to take it back!

It is true.

The definition of insanity IS doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Doing something over and over while improving and perfecting is the definition of musicianship (or artistry in general).

Give your local artist a hug. They are the sane ones.

Practice does not make perfect: Perfect practice makes perfect.

A hard and simple look at the chances most people never have, even though choices are everywhere. Even still, thinking no chance will ever really come, we continue on. Friends would ask me to do some audio gig or help them get their gear set up. More than a few were acting as if they were in debt to me and owed me a big favor. That is where I came up with the first two lines. Then it was clear that for many chances would be rare, but sadistically many are available to others. The best chances you will ever get are Barely Perceptible.

Thoughts of being grounded as a child jumping from a swing to the survivor of a sharing family that watched you to form your tribe. Another reflection of music that ended up creating a bridge to help me communicate with people outside my brain.
It is a waste of time claiming to know answers that are unknown. Prayers are wasted since the god you pretend to worship cannot hear.