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Waiting”                                                                                       MSK 10-25-2016

If you were waiting for the right time

The perfect time is now.

If you feel your voice has not been heard

It’s time to scream out loud.


Forever waiting for your ship to come in

Better get to the dock.

Time never seemed to be on your side

But every day you wind the clock.


When we truly ‘do unto others’

There’ll be no need to fight.

The best way forward in the darkness

Is to create a bit of light.


It’s always been an uphill battle

Still you could win the war.

Out gunned facing overwhelming odds

Life is worth fighting for.


Saving for this; hoping for that.

Waiting; Waiting.

Working all night, planning each day.

Waiting; Waiting.


Never had a good hand to lay down

Soon you’ll place your bet.

Never had a chance to finish the race

But you’re not beaten yet.



My dad (MidiMike) asked me to share a poem with all of you that I wrote for him when I was younger. He has always been a huge influence in my life. I’m certain that my love of music comes from him, as does my love of poetry.  I hope this poem gives you a little insight on what it was like to be raised by a musician.- Alisa

Heritage Haiku

My dad wrote over

One hundred songs in my life.

I still quote the words.


If you think that your

Paradise is a place then

You’ll never find it.”


His basement band shook

My bedroom floor, creating

Huge waterbed waves.


Lessons learned from Sting,

David Bowie, and Pink Floyd.

“We could be heroes.”


Ran sound on weekends

I slept under his sound board.

Protected by wires.


For years he worked at

A music store. Customers

Were my fathers too.


Microphones, ADATs,

His baby grand piano.

Guitars not Barbies.

Lack Of Concern ©

You look from behind me, Baby
At what I’m going toward.
Seeing what you want to see
And then you look no more.

Tease me with the truth baby
Don’t tempt me with a lie,
So if you want to play games
I’ll just walk on by.

It’ a lack of concern
Or a lack of control
Is it in the heart,
Or deep within the soul?

You’re not making love with me
You’re just wasting time
Always taking theirs, aren’t you
But I won’t give you mine.

My tears are in your hands
My heart is open wide
But everytime I look, I see
There’s nothing left inside.

Tease me with the truth, Baby
Don’t tempt me with a lie,
So if you want to play games
I’ll just wave bye-bye.



Encouragement – the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

This also applies to writers, artists, poets, performers, photographers and so on… Let’s build each other up instead of competing with one another. Once you’ve reached the next level, reach down and lend a hand to everyone still striving to get where you are. Be thankful to each and every person who encourages you and GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to support and encourage others.