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I found a drawer full of lost keys.
So many things worth locking away;
All forgotten.

Each one closely holding memories.
Some were tarnished and worn thin;
Some wrapped in cotton.

And if it is the right key
I will hear the greatest song.
And if it is the lost key
I will try to play along.

There were more than I could easily count.
And I knew some of them must be mine;
Saving things.

Connected to lock or door not found.
Left to remind me of other days;
The bell rings.

And if it sings in the right key
I will hear the greatest song.
And if it is the lost key
I will try to play along.

I hold some in my hand for hours.
Much more than time has drifted by;

I remember a field covered in flowers.
But I know I’ve never been there;

The faith I have keeps falling apart
The pain we share I will turn into art.
Every day is difficult from the start
Feelings neglected soon buried in the heart.

People are struggling but we’re doing fine.
In our million dollar mansions

Drinking imported wine.
People keep struggling but we’re doing fine.

Can’t remember the last free moment
No crisis, no chore, no one to comment.
Starting from this path no choice would be different
All my efforts dreams and cries so easily misspent

People are starving but we’re doing fine.
It’s the way it is and has always been, 

So many suffer at Christmas Time.
People keep starving but we’re doing fine.

Help who you can but so many in need
While men trample where you plant your seed.
To pay for survival you sacrifice and bleed
Only to smother from the consolidation of greed.

People are dying but we’re doing fine.
But the uneducated and the lazy, 

They are ruining my Christmas Time.
People keep dying but we’re doing fine.

The faith I have keeps falling apart
The pain we share I will turn into art.
Every day is difficult from the start
Feelings neglected soon buried in the heart.

When you think you are making the right decision
Everybody you connect with is on your side.
Well, buckle up your seat belt and hold onto your cap
You don’t know it, but you just walked into a trap.

It seems like you are making your own choices
Everything is going down just like you planned.
Suddenly you hear a loud and powerful snap
Now you know it, but you just walked into a trap.

A trap you can’t get out of
A trap you couldn’t see
A trap of your own making
Trapped for eternity.

Still struggling and squirming trying to believe
Yellin’ ‘I don’t understand’, makes you look like a fool.
All bundled up nice with a box with and pretty wrap
However you say it, you’re stuck in a trap.

Lashing out at anyone that comes even close.
You keep pushing yourself further and further away.
The box is smashed and you’re hanging from a strap
However you play it, you’re stuck in a trap.

A trap of your own making  

Trapped for eternity. 

I hate to throw all this morbidity stuff at you but it is a subject at hand. Physically I am fine, yet I grow older and watch my friends and family members get sick, or die.

In some ways it is a burden taking care of your health – eating well – exercising – meditation and the rest. Not for the effort it requires – BECAUSE IT REQUIRES A LOT OF EFFORT!!!! But you will inevitably see many of your friends and loved ones not make it to the same finish line. Sometimes the monotony alone is daunting after y e a r s and Y E A R S.

We all know we will die. My songs have reflected this for over 40 years. I think the earlier we realize the truth in this and treat our friends and family (and all humanity) with that simple understanding it will change our perspective in life. One unexpected generous comment or gesture from a stranger can spin positive echoes throughout decades. Hate works up-hill. Generosity works down. Sorry, I am out of wine.

Here is a song I wrote tonight. As a summary, I am an athiest. OK Hold On. I was ready to post my song but when I type in the word athiest —————- It highlights the word as if it is misspelled! I tried it twice thinking I mistyped the word. WTF. Google athiest and you get the definition of the word and other links…..

So, athiest is not a word in Word Press. I am sure this is a pretty standard method of suppression. We are many but have no voice. #athiestisaword

But, I digress. Here are lyrics for “Pray for ME” If you are just tuning in to this blog my name is Michael. My wife’s name is Ellen. Most of my songs are by ME. Mike and Ellen.

Pray For ME

I value your friendship
More than life itself.
You put pride and decency
Before anything else.

Laughing like hyenas
When no one else gets the joke.
Always high on the real thing
When fools kept talking coke.

What will you do when I am gone?
I hope you will be singing our favorite song.
Stay as long as you want, say what you want to say
But I’m asking you not to pray.

It’s the irony in things
Only you could see.
If one of us has to go first
I hope to whatever god it’s me.

There is value in hope
Struggles through each day.
But there is nothing you can do
To make this go away.

What will you do when I am gone?
I hope you will sing our favorite song.
Stay as long as you want, say what you want to say
But I’m asking you not to pray.

Love’s not an easy thing
Time to Let You Go.
Understand that I love you
More than you’ll ever know.

I wanted to give you another glimpse of Red River Gorge just as Fall starts to show. Not far south from my home in Ohio, the valley makes things a bit cooler and the trees are starting to turn there. I took these pictures and videos a few days ago while on a quick mid-week-get-a-way with my wife. Usually we can only visit off season due to her work schedule. This time we took a spontaneous short break and the weather was perfect.

The next video you can hear me breathing in the background. It was an effort to get to this perch for an old man but the view was worth every step. And then some.

I have a bunch more and like pictures of your kids, they are all beautiful.

Enjoy, MIDIMike

Angels Windows, Red River Gorge, KY

My wife and I were lucky to take a quick two night stay near Natural Bridge in Kentucky. We have been there a few times and I always post pictures that interest me. For those considering a trip, I have pictures of beautiful areas that are very close to the road or parking lots. While the paths can be rugged and hilly, these photos were less than a mile from the road.

My wife does not hike, so we pick areas that are close to the road so I can take a quick hike, grab some beautiful memories and rush back to the car so she doesn’t have to wait long. I am 68 years old, so if you are healthy you can reach these monuments of rock formations. It is difficult to view these places close up and not realize how easily early peoples thought of these lands as sacred grounds. Pictures are not enough.

I will post more later, but here is a sample of the pictures from my recent trip. We had beautiful weather and Fall was just starting to turn the hillsides into dazzling colors.

Today you managed
Tomorrow you’ll fail
Each loss another fragment forever pushed aside.
The day after becomes
A monotonous stream
Each day is just like the last just a bit more purified.

Sometimes it’s easy
Falling off a log
Then all confidence disappears and your unable to move.
I know I don’t know
Is somebody watching?
Surrounded by a quicksand of doubt and nothing to prove.

When everything disappears
Even sacred memories hide underground.
Lost, frozen in a searing panic
Where Simple Things can’t be found.

This is the last time
As much as the first
Open or close your eyes but the vision is the same.
It’s only in my head
It’s only in my head
I love you like a brother but won’t remember your name.

When everything disappears
Even sacred memories hide underground.
Lost, frozen in a searing panic
Where Simple Things can’t be found.

Given Ten Commandments
Directly from the lord above
In stone are the important things
Faith, friends and love.

Law abiding beyond reproach
Ready to throw everyone else in jail.
Money will buy you a good lawyer
Everyone else won’t even raise bail.

I’ve known you for years and years
I know how much you hate to lose.
So when it comes to time to pay your fare
You act like you can Pick And Choose.

Stop signs and traffic lights
Never applied to you.
Laws and rules are for other people
And have no effect on what you do.

I’ve known you for years and years
We never shared the same views.
Only special in your own mind
You act like you can Pick And Choose.

I posted thoughts much earlier about Super Black Holes, and have waited for the launch of the James Webb telescope for a pretty long time. Hubble showed us amazing things. Many confirming Einstein’s theories. It forced us to see our universe is expanding rapidly, rather than slowing as expected, in all directions at the same time. Constellations, star clusters, galaxies and eventually suns and their planets will grow further and further apart. The stars and galaxies we see now will not be visible from Earth in just a few eons. (and they were so much closer eons ago) This will never end – speeding away – light constantly retreating. Our universe will get darker and darker, all matter – including black holes, will burn out or blow up, until there is no energy – anywhere.

But if my earlier theory has any merit, this might not be the end. In short, I suggested we are NOW in a black hole. With no proof whatsoever (#noproofwhatsoever) I suggested dark matter and dark energy are converted from regular matter when sucked inside a black hole. This is why our universe continues to expand. Literally everything we see or can detect is matter jettisoned through the Event Horizon with nothing to slow it down. One big sneeze from each black hole. Countless more black holes created as material is ejected – or pushed into a separate universe……?

I love science fiction and can recommend a few books almost as old as I am. I would love to write a novel on this subject but the next step is to think that OUR universe is expanding and will eventually die, but if intelligent life can manage to cross back through the Event Horizon, through the other side of a black hole, we may find a totally different universe that is quite stable or just plain weird. Who knows!

I suggest we can become that intelligent life.

PS I hope the new attempts to recreate the genius of “Dune” and “The Foundation” live up to the hype. These are treasured ideals for me, not just books on a shelf lol!

Thank you for listening.

My wife Ellen and I giving our grand kids a glow stick show in a dark room
Collision of Star Clusters of glow sticks
glow stick Nebula

The pictures remind me of other visual games we would play and eventually showed our grandkids, but that is a different post.

The Same People thought the Earth was flat
And the Crusades were just.
These same people thought the stars were gods
Turning cities to dust.

The same people believed the Earth was the center
Against which everything turned.
These same people held trials to justify
Witches tied and burned.

These same people pray to ghosts and spirits
Listen to voices in their head.
The same people imprisoned men of science
Until not only the truth was dead.

The Same People Are Wrong
Just as they were back then.
How can you keep being wrong
Again and again and again?

You are wrong about Global Warming
The true existential threat.
You are wrong about your part in racism
Or the petty things you fret.

You are wrong about the age of the universe
You are wrong about evolution no matter how true
These Same People believe they deserve what they have
Even when taking it from those that don’t look like they you.
You are wrong blaming fake media
Because it doesn’t agree with what you do
Wrong about immigrants searching for a peaceful land.
You are wrong about pollution and the things humans do.
If you can’t win simply change the rules
Repeating the same lies never makes them true.
Patriots love their country win or lose
The same people are wrong about sex, drugs, and Rock ‘N Roll too.