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I went searching for years to learn the important things in life.
Some spent in luxury, too many were spent in strife.
Truly believing if I could just find the right questions
Throughout all of humanity, someone would surely know.

What happens after death, are we all alone?
The answers were never written in stone.
What is the real difference between love and faith?
Is it too late with three out at the bottom of the eighth?

The Answer Might Be 42
But it never was about that.
Finding neither question or answer
Nor even a wise old sage or wizard.

To learn how to listen I sought out musicians
To know what is real I studied magicians.
Accountants I’ve met could never measure true cost.
Preparing for challenge I drank with those who have lost.

To see both sides I closely examined the moon.
You can see the ground better from a hot air balloon.
Can’t understand demons if you always talk to saints.
What is freedom if you’ve never known restraints?

The Answer Might Be 42
But it was never about that.
The secret of life is not found in questions
Better served by learning whom to ask.

From my Roman Catholic upbringing I think about religion a lot. I went to Catholic schools and attended church every Sunday, school days and holidays. I was an altar boy for years when we used Latin in our responses. I do not say we spoke it…. and dreamed of being a brother or priest. My favorite saint was Saint Francis of Assisi. He was considered to be somewhat of an outsider, but that was fine by me!

I couldn’t help myself. Looking around things just didn’t add up.

God is all knowing. God is kind and honest and good.
God sees all. God created the heavens and earth.
God knows what has been and what will be.
God is kind and gentle and loving.
WE are made in his image. WE shall rule the earth.
WE are the center of the universe
The earth fixed on its pillars does not move.
The sun and stars race across the sky for our entertainment.

The bible is presented as ‘the word of God’. Why would an
All-knowing being reference geocentric views that will be
disproven in a few short millennia? Is this God’s Mighty plan?

You might deflect by saying that god works in mysterious ways. Maybe.
It could be argued that these references are simplified stories to tell his children.
But this is more than a point of view. Humans with little science and mathematics could not possibly know this to be true.

God would know if he made it. This would be one more in a long line of seemingly unbelievable tenants of faith. And when humanity achieved the technology sufficient to the task we would be affirmed in our beliefs. Instead, we see time after time the references in the bible and other teachings directly contradicting science. This is but one of many errors religious teachings present as fact.

The bible and counterparts were clearly not written by god or from his hand.

Was this the Mighty Plan?
Does't this seem a little odd?
Let me help you understand
There never was a god.

My thoughts for the day. I planned on posting an image to demonstrate each line but there were too many choices so I leave that option to you.

God is good
People are awful.
God is kind
People are mean.
God is gentle
People are nasty.
God is forgiving
People hate forever.
God is all knowing
People are ignorant
God is all powerful
People are usually weak.
God is a mystery
People are predictable
God is courageous
People are cowardly

Was this the Mighty Plan?
Doesn’t that seem a little odd?
Let me help you understand
There never was a god.