Faith in Humanity: A Christmas Time Story

Posted: December 23, 2022 in Holiday, Opinions and Observations
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I wanted to share and experience I had earlier this week. As you know I am almost 70 years old. I regularly take my older sister to her dialysis appointments and to other doctor visits and hospital stays she has required for the last few years. She lives about an hour outside of town, but all of her doctors are near the city where I live. She does not drive and does not own a car, so when she has a medical appointment I drive about an hour to pick her up, drive an hour to the appointment which is close to my house and then drive her back home, stopping for medicine and usually lunch on the way. Then finally head back home. Lately she will get a ride to the appointment, and that way I only drive the round trip once.

She called hours before the appointment one morning because her scheduled driver did not show up. She scrambled and could get an appointment later the same day IF I could come and get her now. So I went to pick her up and take her to the appointment and then to pick up dialysis supplies she needs. We stopped for lunch around the mall area when we saw the Taste of Belgium was open as she had never been there before.

We ate our lunch and asked for the check as well as we needed to leave soon for the second appointment. Nothing special, there were a few other customers being served, we had a great meal and a good time. I was not upset or bummed that I had to drive both ways, and I have a great time visiting with my sister whenever I get a chance. Unfortunately, the appointment runs have become the only time we really see each other these days.

But as usual, I digress. When the waitress did not come back right away to get our check paid, I offered to go get the car so my sister didn’t have to walk across the parking lot. When I picked her up outside she told me she went to pay the check and the cashier said the two women that just left before us had already paid our bill! I was totally floored!

I can only guess why they decided to give us a very special gift. I would probably be wrong. Whatever the real reason, the effect was restoring my faith in humanity, at a time when it is desperately needed by so many.

I try to do similar things for others but I am inspired now, again.

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Michael S Kennedy


  1. Patrice says:

    What a wonderful thing to do and have happen to you. My heart too, is assured lovely people are out and about giving, unconditionally 😊🌲👍🏻<3

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    • midimike says:

      I hope by turning a single experience into a hundred stories that I might in some way share the impact I felt as the recipient.
      Like you, I always try to ‘pay it forward’ and to generate as many random acts of kindness as I can.
      And you are so correct, there are many more of us out there than one might realize.
      It’s just that the bullies and the spoiled rich kids get all the attention!


  2. Mick Canning says:

    That is so kind of them. It’s marvellous when something like that happens, as there is so much awfulness around otherwise. Have a great Christmas, Mike.

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