The Answer Might be 42

Posted: December 18, 2020 in projects
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I went searching for years to learn the important things in life.
Some spent in luxury, too many were spent in strife.
Truly believing if I could just find the right questions
Throughout all of humanity, someone would surely know.

What happens after death, are we all alone?
The answers were never written in stone.
What is the real difference between love and faith?
Is it too late with three out at the bottom of the eighth?

The Answer Might Be 42
But it never was about that.
Finding neither question or answer
Nor even a wise old sage or wizard.

To learn how to listen I sought out musicians
To know what is real I studied magicians.
Accountants I’ve met could never measure true cost.
Preparing for challenge I drank with those who have lost.

To see both sides I closely examined the moon.
You can see the ground better from a hot air balloon.
Can’t understand demons if you always talk to saints.
What is freedom if you’ve never known restraints?

The Answer Might Be 42
But it was never about that.
The secret of life is not found in questions
Better served by learning whom to ask.

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