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Thoughts of being grounded as a child jumping from a swing to the survivor of a sharing family that watched you to form your tribe. Another reflection of music that ended up creating a bridge to help me communicate with people outside my brain.
It is a waste of time claiming to know answers that are unknown. Prayers are wasted since the god you pretend to worship cannot hear.

My lyrics are often preachy. Giving the false impression that I think I know what to do. Empathically linked to people around me I share their perspectives and histories. The failed attempts at secrets and the impossibility to hide lies. Once someone you love or trust has betrayed you with lies even though it holds you frozen for years, you will never let it happen again. Some lessons are painful but better shared early in life or love.

A little self explanatory. I found myself unable to push things faster. Everything seems to be working until the pile-up five minutes before deadline. Soon you begin to spiral in faster than imaginable. No music for this one. I figured it would be good for some sci-fi soundtrack somewhere. Any thoughts let me know.

I mentioned in my first Poetry Pod that I turned the lyrics of my Pet the Cat poem into a song. I had a good time recording this one and tried to make it fun for kids to listen to. Maybe on a rainy day you will sing this song as you pet your cat, or dog, or frog.

Here is Pet the Cat for your family entertainment.

My cynical look at the ‘job’ of being a drug dealer or loan shark, but not just the obvious snakes are included in this song. How far will any of us go just to make a buck?

These lyrics were made into a song in about 15 minutes. I was working on a simple piece that my wife Ellen could sing along with to get her confident when she sings. She likes ZZ Top, so I ripped off some of their ideas and came up with a similar beat and rhythm. The lyrics took no time but were from other lyrics. So when she sang about a girl we just kept it! The lyrics are short and sweet.

This is obviously my patriotic anthem. Just looking at some of my own ancestry and cultural histories I respect and have been blessed to experience. Kinda corny but I still get choked up reading these lyrics. This is one of those songs where I keep trying to make a good demo recording and it just never goes anywhere. Various arrangements, vocalists and instruments but nothing seems to fit correctly.

Also called Reels of Tape. See original lyric post here