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Lyrics with few words but lots of passion. Prophetic, in some cases but sad throughout. This kind of pain is even more difficult to watch. I put it to a slow bluesy ballad with sparse chords and vocals. It is still a haunting tune to me. I only have old reel-to-reel recordings copied and recopied over the years but it still paints the mood very well.

Here are lyrics I wrote to be as much a country song as a parody of country songs. Even back in 1981 I was reflecting on spending most of my time growing old. Another song of mine performed with my first real band, The Personal Touch.

Starting with my usual contradictory statement of the obvious, the chorus covers a curiosity I noticed as a teenager. If I was looking for a pen, for example, if I thought the pen was blue but it was actually a different color, I would never find it. Even if it was out in the open on a table in plain sight. I will blind myself to the object I am looking for by an incorrect memory of the wrong color.

I literally wrote the majority of this song soaking in a hot bath tub. I have always been an over-achiever. Play harder than the others, stay longer, think smarter, do it over again. Stuck in someone else’s loop. A feeling of putting all the work down. Stay warm. Quiet. Light as a feather. No deadlines.

This is nothing more than my usual ramblings at people that keep turning on lights every time they come into the room and I am sitting in the dark. Then to add insult to injury, they leave the bright lights on when they go out of the room! AARRRGGGhh. Keep your big bright ideas to yourself.

A playful look how childhood school experiences that could have scarred some students shape those that see the deeper lesson is so much more important. I was always the little guy in class and I have deal with more than my share of bullies and spoiled rich