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Years ago we would have conversations with our daughters about sex, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and the rest. My wife would say, ‘back in our day we did not have to worry about dying from having sex’.

Now, with COVID-19 leading the pack, I can remember a time when we did not have to worry about dying from shaking hands……..

As I have a tendency to do, I was thinking about music over the weekend.  My thoughts drifted to how lucky I was to be born during a great musical period.  I have grown up and grown old with some amazing musical giants.  From The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and so many others, I have listened and learned from these greats.  My life has been shaped by many of their lives and works.

This morning I was sad to learn that another musical genius has died.  David Bowie was a musical and cultural force for decades.  A person who not only risked life outside the box, but created safe environments for many who did not feel included in the culture and philosophy of the masses.

Whether you liked his music and collaborations with others or not, it is hard to overlook the impact he had; not only on the music scene, but also the lives of many listeners that were encouraged to be creative, passionate and true to who they are as a person.  He helped us all understand that the very difference that make us strong as individuals, actually contributes to creating a healthy nation.

Thank you David for all you have done.  I will never forget.