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I have often been approached with questions about which product to buy and what is the best way to spend money.  I have been in sales for decades, so it is a natural connection.  I have a lot of experience in quickly consuming owners manuals and comparing products and pricing.  Almost any product; even if I have never heard of it.  So there are things to look into and I do a crash course on the subject and condense information and separate hype.  I want to share some product reviews with you.  Short – fun – and informative, but on stuff I actually own and use.  I am also open to requests or suggested topics.  We’ll see how and where it goes through the new year.

Recently, I received a cool gift for Christmas and it’s something I knew very little about.  In short, it is a mini quadcopter or tiny drone.  Specifically, the Hubsan H107D.   This thing is small and mighty.  Ready to go after charging and placing the battery in the quadcopter, I was flying it in no time.  As I have not had a remote control unit before I took it very slow and safe.  Indoors for the first few days and with the protective shield, I learned how to keep it fairly stable and maneuver from room to room without breaking anything.  It is fairly easy to ‘trim’ or stabilize for flight.  Once outside use the Expert Mode so you can fight the gusts of wind that can really grab this little guy.  The manual is not extremely detailed but you can find the info easily.

This thing is tiny as I mentioned but it also has a built in camera.  You get a real-time feed to the flight controller display.  If I ever get good at it, it is possible to literally fly the H107D by using the camera feed as a front pilot view (FPV).  An SD card enables you to record the flight.  Simple.  Easy.  I did have a difficult time playing back the card through my PC, but that might be another issue with Windows 10 as mentioned in an impromptu product review a while back!

The battery life is short and the charge time is king, so plan on buying additional batteries and a multi-charger is a good bet as well.  Once you start flying this thing and see how high it goes (and how fast), you will be doing a lot more flying.  Spare parts and other accessories are easy to find on-line and you can repair the unit yourself with the modular components.  Pretty slick and there is a fairly big following of people using and getting very intense with this machine.

Less than $200.00 with additional accessories I mentioned and you can have lots of fly time.  Take it easy but if you drop it or hit something hard you can replace almost anything easily with the exception of internal guts (main board, camera etc.)

See their site and this link for a quick flight video.  I may post some of mine soon!