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Usually in Southern Ohio we get Spring-like weather fairly early. Too early, in fact, for most of the flowers and flowering trees. Once the trees and flowers start to bloom we usually get hit by a cold blast and all the blooms freeze. The flowers wilt over and lay on the ground in frozen colors to die. The branches of fruit or flowering trees turn dead and brown.

This year was perfect. The late winter cold blasts did not last long and were not cold enough to do real damage. I would like to share some of the pictures I took yesterday in a favorite local park in my area but every highway and street in thee city is just bursting with color and shouting “SPRING”!

My camera at home, I took out my phone (like everybody else!) and took these pictures of the day. I hope you enjoy a few of these.


Although I did not take this picture, it is one my wife took that I think you will enjoy.  If you have not had this perspective it is hard to fully appreciate the feeling of being above the clouds – while your feet are still on the ground!  If you have been able to see this for yourself, you probably want to have that feeling and view back again and again.

We were on vacation in Maui, HI.  There were so many beautiful and awesome areas I must have taken hundreds of pictures and my wife took many more.  As we gawked at the beauty in front of us, invariably we would turn around and see something just as spectacular.  That became the theme of our vacation; if you see something beautiful……. TURN AROUND!