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As many of you know I am not a professional photographer. I describe myself as a guy who likes to take pictures. Yesterday my wife and I were walking in our yard as it was getting close to sun-set. We heard some birds just chattering away and saw a pair of woodpeckers and very close by but much further up in the trees there was a hawk perched on a limb. He just sat there watching us and everything around him.

I am not good with names so I do not know what specific birds these are, but for the last few years the hawks have made this their home. Before then I don’t remember seeing or hearing them around where we live. I have always had a love for birds and I have a special fascination with larger birds of prey. Amazed we did not scare him/her away, I went into the house to get my Nikon camera and 70-300 mm lens. My wife stayed watching the birds because it is highly unlikely I would make it back with the camera before they flew away.

Here are a few shots I managed to get when I returned. I hope you enjoy starting the day in flight.


DSC_0054 - Copy

DSC_0085 (2) - Copy

There is a park on a hill overlooking the river and the bustle of downtown.  The fog was rolling in waves from hill side to hill side as it simultaneously engulfed the valley.  The sun light hitting the fog on the hill side I had chosen was finally blocked by the isolated tree. I hope you enjoy a second of calm as you step back and look at life from a distant perch.

As you follow the river the fog thickens and becomes a wall of clouds that constantly shifts as it surrounds different sections of the city.   Above it all you can see the shifts of blinding fog to sunlight-pierced clarity.  Each scene lasting for brief moments and then carried away, re-shaped – as more city blocks are swallowed in a tsunami of white.  Inside the fog the sunlight is reflected all around you; every where you look is toward a bright light…. what us novices might think of as ‘snow blind’.  Thicker fog will darken and then block off the sun with a moving illusion of unknown forms appearing and disappearing, melting and rising with the breeze.


Encouragement – the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

This also applies to writers, artists, poets, performers, photographers and so on… Let’s build each other up instead of competing with one another. Once you’ve reached the next level, reach down and lend a hand to everyone still striving to get where you are. Be thankful to each and every person who encourages you and GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to support and encourage others.