To be honest I do not have a bucket list though there are things that I expected to be able to do before I died. One of those items I really have not achieved, but I did get to take a first step.

Last year I was approved and certified for medical marijuana in the state of Ohio. There are only a small handful of dispensaries open in the state……. they are still way behind schedule. (this reminds me of a saying attributed to Mark Twain that I heard as a young adult. It is reported that he was asked what he would do if he knew the end of the world was coming. He quickly stated that he would move to Ohio. When asked why, he said that everything happens 20 years later there).

True still today, we are usually behind the rest of the country if not the world. So even though I had to drive hundreds of miles out of my way, for the first time in my life I purchased marijuana legally in Ohio. I figured by the time I was 30 years old politicians and citizens alike would wake up and remove the lies surrounding marijuana use and it would be legal for all.

I am not sure when or if this will happen, but I am not willing to take the risk in waiting. So I took the first step until recreational use is a reality. The experience was a bit bizarre, but I will get into that in a later post. Right now it is time for me to take my medicine.

  1. Bioman says:

    And we all hope you feel better! Here in Brexit UK, they will have us all drinking mead again soon, they are so backwards. Spliff? Yes please! I feel poorly this am so am indulging in criminal behaviour myself! I look forward to the story of procurement in Ohio!

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    • midimike says:

      Starting to feel much better, thanks! I have been following Brexit as much as a bystander can. When our “leaders” finally stop trying to pull the world in different directions for personal profit/belief/philosophy I will be happy.
      Here we just make up lies and alternate facts to yell at each other not only to get our way, but to prevent others from achieving their goals/beliefs.
      I am very patriotic and want the best for our country and they make ME a criminal. Go figure.
      Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, but glad you have some form of relief!
      Now, if we could get the MPs and Prime Minister to partake we might get somewhere, LOL

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  2. Bioman says:

    IN this week alone – they have discovered neurons replace themselves, the British government has fallen apart, India has shot down a satellite in space during a test, China has declared dream of constructing an infrastructure to the planet, lichens have been found on Mars…personally I think a war of the worlds has started but not yet been declared yet!

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    • midimike says:

      The pace of discovery, technology and stupidity continues to accelerate at an exponential rate. Who will speak up to defend the Martian lichen? As a people we tend to think if we can see it – we own it. You may be right.
      Much appreciated as always!

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