My recent post was about a tree in my neighbor’s yard that has been dead for a while and a large part of it fell into my garage.

It looks worse from the inside!

Our daughter lives a few houses away. A different neighbor’s tree fell and landed on her car and took out the steps to her deck. We are lucky no one was hurt. It was a perfect time for a bad thing to happen!

She had just parked 15 minutes ago! The neighbor’s cat thought this was a great resting place.
  1. michnavs says:

    Ohhh..did the car insurance covers the cost of her car?

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    • midimike says:

      His insurance company will not cover stating negligence. She is still working with her insurance company. What a mess.

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      • michnavs says:

        What?…oh noh…that is really messy

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      • midimike says:

        Same thing for us. The insurance company for my neighbor will not pay because the tree was not maintained properly. They call this negligence. So I have to pay deductible for my insurance company to repair and then hopefully sue their insurance company or the owner of the property. My guess is they will stall as long as they possibly can because it is an apartment
        building and they are in it for the money!

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  2. Mick Canning says:

    At least, as you say, no one was hurt. But what a mess!

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