Some People                                            

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Poetry
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Some people are humans trying to get their kicks.
Some people are animals able to learn new tricks.

Some people are clever they know just what to do
Some people are sneaky and always out of view.

Most people are decent and will give you the time of day
Most people are ignorant of debts they should have paid.

Most people are honest till they tell you their first lie
Most people are lonely and will never say good bye.

All people are angry if they see things in black and white
All people are dreaming something wrong should be right.

All people are willing to have it their way
All people are upset when someone gets in the way.

You tried to tell me something I could never understand.
Wouldn’t know how to follow you if you guided me by the hand.

So many wrong directions in my ever-changing past.
Can’t guarantee to get there first but I’ve never been the last.

Your people are crazy going out all the time
Your people are busy but stop to pick up a dime.

Your people are active and find the right ass to kick
Your people are saying that’s just the nature of politics.

Young people are easy and got it all figured out.
Young people are forever and there never is a doubt.

Poor people are proven guilty more often than not
Poor people are givers and will share what they’ve got.

Poor people are many still there’s no why or when
Poor people are waiting for their savior again.

(c) 2011

  1. Mike, I feel like you are a good judge of character 🙂 This is an excellent piece 🙂 Takes a whole lot of observation and knack to know the true colors of humans to write such a post 🙂 Loved it!!! 🙂

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    • midimike says:

      And you, my lady, must have worked overtime to know this in the few short years you have been on this planet! I have decades of people studying under my belt and it took me that long to write what you already knew. You have no idea how happy your comment (s) mean to me. If I can “reach you”, I am indeed on the right path. One day I hope to meet you, even though the odds are not in my favor. Thank you for listening and sharing.

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  2. Lyrics or a poem? I can definitely see this as a song with the repeated refrain at the beginning.

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  3. Victoria says:

    I like the line: All people are angry if they see things in black and white. So true!

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  4. Patrice says:

    Lovely, lovely and so very, very right.

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  5. victorenesi says:

    Some people are people being people.

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  6. rubiredsaid says:

    I liked reading this, as I could relate to what you say and yes poor people are the one’s who give also spend the most!

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  7. ZIGMA says:

    Excellent piece, so wonderful

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