Sure enough, as the years passed the allergies and reactions changed. Some triggers no longer caused days of panicked suffocation brought on by these asthma attacks. A number of the allergens would start to cause breathing problems but I learned if I could remove myself from the environment or place myself in a calming mental state and focus on breathing properly I could stop the attacks from getting worse.

Eventually I reached a point where the severe attacks were rare. I could manage to do most of the things I needed to do and new friends had no idea that I suffered from bronchial asthma. As these things shifted I started to have sneezing fits in the place of attacks. I would walk into a room or go outside and breathe in the cold/hot air and start sneezing out of control. It was not unusual to sneeze 30 – 40 times in a row. Sneezing five times in rapid succession is exhausting. By the time I hit 30 I was helpless. My body temperature would raise dramatically and I would break out in a heavy sweat. Now, even those symptoms are gone.

Nowadays there is politics in everything. There was back when I was born, too. Politicians decided to make possession and use of marijuana a crime similar to use of narcotics and psychotropic based drugs. This allowed US law enforcement agencies to arrest and imprison ‘specific groups of radicals and dissidents’ who were known to use marijuana. In my pursuit of life, liberty and health, I was made a criminal by my own government for using something in my own home that I could grow in my back yard! Marijuana has been used throughout human history and there is no evidence based reason for a Schedule 1 classified drug. This year the WHO (World Health Organization) suggested rescheduling use of marijuana to delete its schedule 1 classification.

My state of Ohio passed a medical marijuana law a couple years ago. You are required to be approved for a number of medical conditions by select certified doctors in the state. Once approved you will be issued a medical marijuana card that can be used in Ohio. I applied for the card and easily qualified for intractable pain. Late last year the first dispensary opened in Ohio. There are no dispensaries anywhere near me and the program is way behind schedule.

As a young adult I thought marijuana would be legalized very soon. I kept thinking this as I saw friends, family, classmates, teachers and every class of people destroyed by alcohol, sleeping pills, tobacco, sugar, salt and a million other things that seemed far more dangerous and showed little or no benefits. Years went on and no change in political attitudes, though there was a clear change in social views. I would just like to be able to use marijuana as a medication and no longer be a criminal by the time I die.

Then I would like to see the thousands of people with criminal records for non-violent use be freed and their records expunged. If it is not asking too much, I would like my country’s politicians to be governed by facts, science and compromise for the common good. I may not live to see that one.

The End of the Road
  1. Patrice says:

    Here in Canada it’s now legal and the politicians are on the bandwagon as they see the profits they can make.
    OK with me. At least people who need it to live a normal life don’t have to live in fear anymore. And the worry that we are all going to become but a bunch of high, dope smoking addicts just isn’t happening. As you know, you don’t have to be high to reap the benefits.
    Good Luck!


  2. ebbtide says:

    I could not agree more. I am lucky enough to live in WA. After 14 years of chronic insomnia (and many, many failed treatments) I finally found a CBD/THC tincture that works like nothing else has. I think we’re getting to where we need to be in terms of accepting the benefits of marijuana and shedding the stigma of its use… but the road has been needlessly long and bumpy.


  3. juliadeniro says:

    You’ve had a long, hard road. Pardon my French, but fuck US politicians and fuck Ronald Reagan’s War on Drugs.


  4. juliadeniro says:

    Well, loved by Republicans, anyway. I don’t know a single Democrat who likes Reagan.


  5. Nancy Barnes says:

    Use of marijuana is in my medical records and all it did was flag me as a known drug user, not allowed anything stronger than a Tylenol, so I’ve yet to apply for the Ohio permit. Not sure I want on a government list. Wish they would just decriminalize it.


    • midimike says:

      I understand the reluctance to be placed on yet again another government list. In this case, I want my name (and frankly as many true names as possible) to show how many people support and depend on the growing social and legal changes to marijuana classification.
      My hope is no one going forward be ‘flagged’ or singled out again.
      Hang in there!
      Thank you.


  6. beetleypete says:

    Sorry to hear about your asthma problems. If you lived in England, you would have free heath-care.
    Thanks for following my blog, for which I am grateful.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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