In February of last year I had bi-lateral carpel tunnel surgery. I wrote about this in an earlier article. The surgeon slices a wide muscle apart to make room for everything else in your hand that slides underneath. The muscle bands grow back together when you heal.

Some people thought I was crazy for doing both at the same time. I was working and had insurance and could have strung out the surgeries over the majority of a year. I had a couple thoughts on the process. If I strung it out I would not be able to play guitar, keyboards or drums for a long time. I know from past experience it takes a while to get your ‘chops’ back when you have not played your instrument for a while. I also knew I would need up build up strength and flexibility after surgery.

I also did not want to have one ‘bad’ hand while my right hand was healing. I would be unable to do a lot of daily stuff anyway, so I might as well do them at the same time.

I have lived with a number of left-handed people all my life. I often tried to mimic them by trying to use my left hand for simple tasks. It also gave me a different perspective on a lot of seemingly unrelated things. After allowing my hands to heal and stitches removed I thought this would be a good opportunity to ‘train’ both hands during physical therapy exercises. So I treated both hands the same. I did the exercises but I also used both hands as evenly as possible to get dressed, eat, and stay alive while my hands were healing and getting stronger.

So as a little challenge, try using your non-dominant hand for everything you can for one week.

Brush your teeth. Write a letter. Comb your hair. Carry a full cup of tea or coffee. Tie your shoes. As much as possible. I really got much better with my left hand during recovery. I did not try to imitate my right hand movements; that just gave me a headache. Rather I looked at my left hand and back at the task and let my hand decide how to move. Give it a try.

  1. Dionne Bee says:

    Hi Mike. I’ve been using both hands since prep school. Not sure if it’s because people kept telling me I was using the “wrong” hand (like it was a curse or something). Apart from writing, I think there may be a few tasks where my left hand still dominates. Now that you’ve written this, I’m going to watch out for those and try switching; see what happens.

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    • midimike says:

      Well good morning! A number of people use both hands for a long time before one seems to dominate the other. I am not sure if this is from teachers and other people correcting us. I am glad you have the ability to use both hands for the majority of your day. Most of us do not have that option LOL.
      Thank you again for the comments and the visit.

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  2. doncarroll says:

    it definitely was a good choice with getting the surgery done all at once. I never had carpel tunnel but i do suffer from thumb tendonitis in both thumbs. never had surgery for it, but both thumbs do sting from time to time. something similiar but not quite like your situation.

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    • midimike says:

      It worked out for me! I did not even know I had carpal tunnel…… My fingers were going numb when working. Turned out to be thyroid gland but testing showed it was time for surgery on my hands. Everyone’s experiences are a little different.
      Thank you so much for the comment and your time,


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