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I joined the ranks of the unemployed the end of January this year.  A number of followers check up and ask me to keep in touch and I promised to do so.  Here are a few thoughts and observations from the unemployment line so to speak.

I worked at my last job for about fifteen years.  Needless to say it has been a while since I interviewed for a job.  To make things a little more realistic, I worked for the same company (but different owners) for about eight years until they filed for bankruptcy.  I found other jobs and a few years later the company built itself back up with new owners and products and I knew people there and was told of an opening.  I interviewed and was rehired immediately.

In fact, I cannot think of an interview I had that did not result in me getting hired.  There may have been a few interviews where I did not want to work for the company or in the available position, but in general, if I got the interview I got hired.

Since I am talking years ago even those experiences are irrelevant.  Today most applications are on-line.  You can upload your resume, and then there are pages of questions, evaluations, tests and responses to complete.  There seems to be a few companies that provide this service for large and small companies that need to hire workers.

Until this week I did not get a real ‘bite’ on my applications.  I use social networks, job blogs, hiring company notifications and other resources.  This week I had an ‘open house’ style interview with one major company and set up a phone interview for another.  Sounds like a good time to report on progress!

I grew into the position at my last job from years of experience, absorbing new tasks, proving I was able to take on new assignments and making things happen.  So I gradually moved into a position that by today’s standards would require a HEAVY and targeted educational background.  Not complaining here. I am actually proud of the success I made.  Add to that that I am a musician first (I would joke that working was my ‘hobby’) and my appearance and philosophy do not fit the corporate image at all.  In spite of all that I gained a lot of respect, responsibility, and knowledge.

I am ‘disqualified’ for a lot of things quickly during the rigid on-line application process.  Either I make too much money for the position offered or I do not have the formal education required these days to do similar jobs.  Add to that my age, and the process often ends abruptly.

Fortunately it allows me to narrow down positions that will be good for me.  I do not need much and in a strange way I can be a bit choosy.  I also have a good track record, and if I can land an interview, I have confidence I will be fairly considered for the position.

I will keep you posted and let you know how it goes.

For those of you also looking, how is your search going?  What is your feel for the current job market?