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I started a project a while ago; coming from me that usually means decades!  I have worked in a number of manufacturing plants, sales and service positions, you get the idea.  So I have worked with and under a lot of managers.  As I lazily wondered one night which was the best and worst manager I have known, I came up with a simple test and I would like your help broadening the test base.

This is the only question to the managers in this survey;

“Are you a chess player?”.

There are many facets to being a manager or a person that instructs others.  I understand the volume of demand and deadlines they are responsible for.  But the good managers I have known in the recent past have been chess players at some point in their lives and many still play.  I think the reason for this very subjective observation is the ability to plan multiple moves ahead.  And that means you also have to plan your opponent’s multiple moves ahead…..

All the other rules aside, that is the heart of the game.  If you are a chess player,  you get that driven into you quickly or you end up losing every game you play.  If you cannot see the trap being built, you cannot avoid it even if it is right in front of you.  The possible combinations are mind boggling and attacks can come from any direction or all at once.  Enough about playing chess.

Sports training seems to be different though there are a lot of exceptions and comparisons. Team sports of course must predict what the other team is going to do and prepare for it.  Many people making many decisions about actions in their assigned position.  Individual sports concentrates on doing the action until it is perfect, but once perfected is simply repeated.  EASY FOR ME TO SAY!

Has that been your experience?  If you ask the best managers you know if they play chess, how many say yes.  Ask the worst managers you have worked with and see how many times they say no.

Just curious.