Was It Worth It?

Posted: August 27, 2015 in Poetry
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                                                                                  © 1-12-2010 MSK

You worked all your life to get to the Finish Line

And when you get there ….it feels good for a while.

Now you learn there is always another Line to cross

Paid for by the family and friends you never knew.


The question comes up from time to time

Blazing like the sun, mile after mile.

You can’t recapture youth or love that you’ve lost

By repeating a lie until it becomes true.


Was it worth it?

You have fame and everything you planned.

Was it worth it?

Would you do it again now that you understand?


Was it worth it?


You’ve earned every dollar, every target you achieved

It was a lot easier than even you had believed.

It’s not hard to get what you want if nothing else matters.

What will you have left when there is nothing you want?


  1. cote8050 says:

    very true statements here, most people have no idea, they just run after whatever it is they want and then run into the wall at the end…the things I want will always be available and are things you can never get enough of and best of all, they are all free and ours for the asking and taking! I am going to retire in 21 months and have no money and no plans for a glamorous retirement. I am going to stay home, work in my garden in summer and knit and make quilts and take classes at the local university in the winter. I’ll spend lots of time with my children and grandchildren and have time to read that mountain of books and magazines I have stockpiled and I plan on spending a lot more time on my Buddhist practice. I will cut my living expenses down to almost nothing and for spending money I’ll take a job at the farm up the stree picking veggies in the summer and preserving them for winter use. I have a plan and it is all that I want! Can’t wait. I feel sorry for those who work hard and stockpile the things and money they think they want only to find out in the end that they missed the point… very sad.

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  2. Tracey says:

    I got to reach my goals of a BA in pre med. Before I could start med school I experienced an attack that left me brain injured. My short term memory and my long term memory were affected. I can no longer do the math in my head. However, I have gained the gift of writing. Some might not think I am that great as a writer, but it is amazing I never could write before. So I had to dream new dreams. One day at a time every step I take I am trying to move into the life that want to live in.

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    • midimike says:

      Each person has such a unique experience. I appreciate you sharing this with me. I am sorry to hear about the attack but also encouraged how you adapted. I believe we are all capable of so much more than we are aware. Congratulations for taking one step at a time. I think you are should great!

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  3. Lisa says:

    thank you. i have been blessed(most days) with a mental illness that doesn’t allow me to ‘strive’ for the laid out, planned for american dream; what it has afforded me is the ability to look way deep into my soul and allow myself to heal and be able to walk on the planed a fully conscious human being so i would have to say Mike that so far it has been very worth it.

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  4. Lisa says:

    ooops planed is suppose to be planet 🙂

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  5. Pay cheques don’t make memories 😊 This poem sheds light on the modern day problems of man who is so indulged in himself that he actually forgets to LIVE! 👏

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  6. tmezpoetry says:


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  7. The most poignant line in this piece is “It’s easy to get what you want when nothing else matters.” It’s a reminder I think we all need regularly, to ask what actually matters today? Thank you for that reminder Mike.

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  8. Andrea R Huelsenbeck says:

    Deep, Mike. Thanks.

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  9. KM Novels says:

    Very true! The grass is always greener…

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  10. Victoria says:

    Great post, Mike!

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  11. Ms. Vee says:

    This post makes me evaluate my life. Past, and present. Thank you.

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  12. kreemer says:

    When there’s nothing you want.
    Good stuff.

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  13. thomas robinson says:

    I will take the opposite POV. You are wrong to think people free, in contrast to your option to retire in a few months. People are subordinated and treated badly. They complain. They complain on this website, and others. But they do not rule. They do not Own websites like this. At best, they are represented. Keep that in mind, my brother.


  14. The Twentysomething Social Recluse says:

    This is brilliant, it really made me think. Thank you for sharing!

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  15. Hi.
    Thanks for sharing this. Looks like the word ‘legacy’ may rear its little head here to set the thoughts running…

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  16. othermary says:

    A very thought-provoking question. Is this, or will it be, set to music?

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  17. Widow Veil says:

    When there’s nothing left that you want–it’s a dark dangerous place, I’ve found.

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  18. buttercup600 says:

    My feelings exactly…this very thought-provoking poem should be put into a song! Just brilliant my friend x

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  19. Good post Mike.
    I laughed while watching Mork and Mindy. Robin Williams had talent, period, yet he battled depression. How could a man so talented at making the world laugh with him, end his life so abruptly? Matthew Warren committed suicide, he is the son of Rick Warren, who pastors Saddleback church and author of A Purpose Driven Life. Why? Two men, one a liberal, the other conservative, both ended their lives. Something was missing. Both were loved, had money, family, and friends. What was wrong? What is left: Escape. Is what we chase worth it, I don’t know. People will seek a release, whatever that may be, but I seriously doubt it is entirely a lie. The reality of one person or culture is not a reality of another.
    I get your point, fame and fortune at the expense of family and friends: abandonment to seek self-gratification. But it could be friend, just an escape from the pain. Thank you for a great post.

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  20. michelevenne says:

    Nice. Good thoughts, and an invitation for the reader to think. Thanks for sharing.

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  21. shubhada says:

    Amazing piece of writing..

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  22. Michael says:

    Reblogged this on Michael's Origins and commented:
    This one is rather good! Makes one think about their life and where it’s going.

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  23. tracihalpin says:

    Thought provoking, nice poem. Recently, I had a dr tell me that he worked with the rich and famous in NYC for years and they were the most miserable people he worked with. We all hear and see that rich people are not a snapshot on a glossy magazine cover. That is just a moment in time. Why are so many rich and famous depressed, addicted, angry etc. Because money and fame provide a temporary high. I have always wanted to experience that life for just a little while; I’m always wanting more. In your job, I imagine you see musicians etc. who are unhappy. Kurt Cobain was so miserable doing his “job.” In his journal there is a page with a list of errands he needs to do for the day, just like anyone else. There is also a page where he writes, “I don’t want to do this anymore.” But he couldn’t stop until he stopped himself with death, so sad.

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    • midimike says:

      Calling it a temporary high is actually very close to the center of this and other situations where you have everything you can buy – but you are only happy when you are buying things only to find later you don’t even want the items you just bought. You get a brief thrill but then you go home. I think more musicians would do better if the people that represent them did not take advantage of them or if they avoid the trap that often comes with fame or fortune. The Beatles have a song and a line is :… they’ll fill you in with all the sins you see.”.
      Some one is making money off of serving up addictions and fantasy lands for those new to that kind of power. The kind of power that with the money I have, I can get anything….

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      • tracihalpin says:

        That is so true! I never realized how much power the record companies have. And yes the money and phony people kissing their ass is a huge problem. Justin Bieber is talented but his ego was so inflated all that he cared about was doing whatever he could do and that is pretty much anything. He said he got rid of all the destructive people and he seems to be trying to find his way back to music again. The fact that he literally travels with an entourage all the time is so insane. Hopefully he straightens out. I can’t imagine how it feels when everyone says yes to you bc they want to stay in your pocket. Even his estranged father showed up partying with him and living high on his money and Justin probably really wanted his dad. He seems to be out of the picture too now.


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