Searching for this; hiding from that.

Posted: November 17, 2016 in Poetry
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Waiting”                                                                                       MSK 10-25-2016

If you were waiting for the right time

The perfect time is now.

If you feel your voice has not been heard

It’s time to scream out loud.


Forever waiting for your ship to come in

Better get to the dock.

Time never seemed to be on your side

But every day you wind the clock.


When we truly ‘do unto others’

There’ll be no need to fight.

The best way forward in the darkness

Is to create a bit of light.


It’s always been an uphill battle

Still you could win the war.

Out gunned facing overwhelming odds

Life is worth fighting for.


Saving for this; hoping for that.

Waiting; Waiting.

Working all night, planning each day.

Waiting; Waiting.


Never had a good hand to lay down

Soon you’ll place your bet.

Never had a chance to finish the race

But you’re not beaten yet.



  1. michnavs says:

    if you were waiting for the right time. the right time is now…this is so true Mike and i hope we could include this as part of our daily mantra.

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  2. Great lyrics…very timely!

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  3. Pleasant Street says:

    So true. I have felt outgunned for years.

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  4. tracihalpin says:

    Hi Mike! I absolutely love this poem. I especially like the part about life is worth fighting for, even though some days it is sooooooooo hard! Hope you are well:)

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    • midimike says:

      Hello! I thought I responded to your comment but do not see it here….. must be going senile LOL. Thank you. If our life is not worth fighting for, than perhaps it is worth it for our offspring.
      We may lose a lot of battles but the war can be won. That is what makes it difficult for many of us. It is understandable if we stop trying, but that guarantees the other side(s) win. Doing quite well and enjoying an unusually beautiful Autumn around here. Keep fighting!

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  5. Nicole says:

    I really like this and the message within, at least the message I get from it. I’m sure we all take something different away. That, to me, is the beauty of it. Thanks for sharing this with all of us! There’s hope in these words – that even though we might feel spent, or even hopeless and helpless sometimes, life is beautiful and definitely worth fighting for.

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  6. Tom Robinson says:

    you have a gift for message and rhyme

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  7. Chris White says:

    Brilliant. I really like that last verse. Powerful. All the best. Chris.

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