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Another installment in my “I Can Explain It To You” series. Here is a link for the first installment:

I now see the infinite wisdom here.
God made us in his image and likeness
So we are told.
Angels are white and robed in gold

There are demons and that’s for sure.
Tempting us toward an unholy path
To steal your heart.
Man questioned how he might tell them apart

So he made one red, and another black.
Colors of hair and eyes and some stand tall
Now you can see.
The faces that belong here with thee

But what for the blind that cannot know
The wisdom of the lord from above?
To save them too.
Languages were created no one knew

It is so simple as to be part of my face
We just need a color-guided human race.
How thoughtful to make it so well known
Good and evil separated by the color shown

Your enemy is also made in his image.
And feels exactly the same way you do
Love conquers all.
As another peaceful day begins to fall

I am usually silent and often in the minority, but here is what I say.

Questions for a few friends.