Three Sides to Every Story – Elvis is Alive

Posted: August 14, 2015 in Opinions and Observations
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We all want to win the race.  Take home the trophy.  Buy the bacon.  We work hard to get ahead but where do we start from?  If only life was like professional sports.  A Referee standing by.  Coaches and support staff ready to assist.  Umpires or Officials always watching objectively to call foul or restart if necessary to make sure the game is played by the rules.                

But what are the rules and who makes them?  I do not make the rules.  Voters do not make the rules.  They say there are three branches of government, but I think now there are four when you add big business.  When one company can own multiple news, TV and radio stations in a large market area, should you believe everything they say?  

Maybe if the general public was given accurate information there would be more trust of business or governments.  We go to war for this reason.  Tobacco is not addictive.   Racial prejudice is justified.  The war on drugs is a success.  The Earth is flat and the center of the universe.  Global warming is a hoax. Maybe if the general public was given accurate information there would be more trust of business or governments.  Elvis is alive.

Even as science gets better and clearer pictures and descriptions of the worlds around us, it is increasingly difficult to get unbiased information.  It seems everyone has an agenda and if they need to mislead or deceive citizens to reach their goals so be it. Look past the hype.  Follow the money.  If everyone is shouting the same thing…. go out and see what they don’t want you to hear from other sources. There are three sides to every story…..

Everyone’s a member of the Human Race.  Give them all a chance to run, but let’s start it from the same place”   From “Cut The Fat”  © 1995 Michael and Ellen Kennedy       

  1. […] Three Sides to Every Story – Elvis is Alive. […]

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  2. David Kennedy says:

    Sad to say conspiracy Theories By the government and for the government, and business Is government, has become the norm . And shall not perish from this Earth!

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  3. I love thie post!! We must get beyond the point of believing everything we hear. We blame the media for this and that but thanks to social media we allow it to continue by sharing inaccurate information, passing along opinions as facts, etc. It’s a sad state of affairs when we have to continuously do our due diligence by doing the research and excising the lies.

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    • midimike says:

      You got it! When the public/citizens keep regenerating the same false spin, it gives the impression that it must be true because everyone is saying it. And unfortunately, now the news has become more ‘commercials’ than anything else.

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  4. DarkStarReviews says:

    Yep! In England we have this but there is a general sense of true trust between voters and the government. In America it seems everything’s on a larger scale. After all, we only got into this stupid Iraq war because Bush and Blair hatched a little plot and told us all that they had nukes and other WMD in Iraq and that we needed to invade. What a load of bull that was lol, now we’re all living through the second cold war… Great Post!


  5. DeniseBalog says:

    I enjoyed your post Mike:) I remember reading one of your earlier post about taking the time to actually read those we clicked to follow. That thought really stuck with me. I am glad I went looking for some neighborhood friends today:) Hear what their thinking and saying. Yes, I will not believe that people don’t care is “bad” today. How can that be true, when each day, meeting and making friends in our blogging neighborhood is so enjoyable:) blessings for a “news free” day Mike!

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    • midimike says:

      I enjoy hikes and walking as it recharges my emotional batteries and resets my outlook. In the same way, I search out bloggers; such a refreshing perspective and it confirms the world is not all bad!! I like the news-free day!

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  6. You have a very valid point. Love the perspective. We live in a confused mixed up world today and it’s not as easy as it used to be. By the way…I have nominated you for the Premio Dardos award. No this is not spam, just another fellow blogger trying to give some kudos to you. Check out my page for the award. Thanks. love your blog.

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  7. thomas robinson says:

    Sad to say, ignorance is on the rise. But that has happened so many time in the past, we should not be upset. This time is especially uncoordinated. By that I mean, the ignorance will not stick. People believe stuff through reinforcement. The ignorance of today has no “sticking” power. ]


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    • midimike says:

      I trust you are correct. We are also numbing ourselves to this strategy as it is nothing new as you point out. I think there are also counter-forces growing daily. Time to take a few deep breaths!


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