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There are team mates that always have to win.
They cheat and break the rules and do it all over again.
Repeat to themselves over and over before they begin
Losing the game by playing fair is the biggest sin.

There’s nothing wrong with better equipment.
Give it all you got every time you hit the pavement.
If it ever took more than one-hundred and ten percent
When the coach says, ‘take him down’, you know what he meant.

Training buys a millisecond or two.
To cross the finish line first you have to know what to do.
Survivors don’t sit at home wishing and hoping it was true.
If you’re back’s against the wall, they’ll tell you what to do.

When you can’t beat ‘em fairly
Change the Game.
Find yourself slow and outmatched
Change the Game.
Placed a bet turned too far south
Change the Game.
The line of credit has just run out
Change the Game.

Change the Game when your opponent is prepared.
Change the Game or break it so it can’t be repaired.
Change the Game and just act like you never cared.
Change the Game don’t let them know you’re impaired.

Former partners must have played a similar game.
Taking credit for things that were in your name.
Pointing at others as if they were the ones to blame
Scavengers and vultures that won’t survive the same.


We all want to win the race.  Take home the trophy.  Buy the bacon.  We work hard to get ahead but where do we start from?  If only life was like professional sports.  A Referee standing by.  Coaches and support staff ready to assist.  Umpires or Officials always watching objectively to call foul or restart if necessary to make sure the game is played by the rules.                

But what are the rules and who makes them?  I do not make the rules.  Voters do not make the rules.  They say there are three branches of government, but I think now there are four when you add big business.  When one company can own multiple news, TV and radio stations in a large market area, should you believe everything they say?  

Maybe if the general public was given accurate information there would be more trust of business or governments.  We go to war for this reason.  Tobacco is not addictive.   Racial prejudice is justified.  The war on drugs is a success.  The Earth is flat and the center of the universe.  Global warming is a hoax. Maybe if the general public was given accurate information there would be more trust of business or governments.  Elvis is alive.

Even as science gets better and clearer pictures and descriptions of the worlds around us, it is increasingly difficult to get unbiased information.  It seems everyone has an agenda and if they need to mislead or deceive citizens to reach their goals so be it. Look past the hype.  Follow the money.  If everyone is shouting the same thing…. go out and see what they don’t want you to hear from other sources. There are three sides to every story…..

Everyone’s a member of the Human Race.  Give them all a chance to run, but let’s start it from the same place”   From “Cut The Fat”  © 1995 Michael and Ellen Kennedy