As a country and culture, we seem to be obsessed by thoughts of and even planning for the Apocalypse.  I guess it is for good reason and it makes for great movies, books and TV shows.  I might be the only person that has not watched Living Dead and other shows.  So, Zombies aside, I have been thinking of a world with no power, running water, cell phones and the other modern tools we take for granted every day.

There are a few things I would really miss if/when technology fails us.  Way up there would be hot showers in the morning…….  I would really miss that.  Without a really hot shower, it would be hard for this old body to move each day.

What would you miss the most?

  1. Patrice says:

    I remember one time we went up to northern Ontario for a week. To a remote hunting camp that the only way to access was to walk in after being dropped off the train in the middle of the bush. Or, if someone was already there, they could canoe over to pick you up.
    The only power was a generator. With it we had lights and running water. I’m not the most domestic person, but after just a day or so, I was relishing cooking, cleaning and eating the fish we caught. Never thou got used to venturing out to the outdoor facilities in the woods in the middle of the night.
    So I guess I’m going to say ‘The Bathroom’ and all that is found there 😀

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    • midimike says:

      I could not have said it better. When the toilet paper and other amenities run out, we would see how things really are!
      I am into camping and love the wilderness, but always try to take a little bit of civilization with me!

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  2. Chris White says:

    I would certainly miss the type of communication which WordPress affords. I don’t the Apocalypse will happen. If it did it would happen quickly like an asteroid from out of town slamming into us.

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    • midimike says:

      Agreed. We can cross boundaries, countries and political borders at will. When you think of it…. that is amazing. Then we get to know others like ourselves and understand those of us that are different in some ways.
      To have total loss of technology, I agree. It would not be from your average ‘catastrophe’. It would have to be ‘the BIG one’.


  3. Sam McLean says:

    I would miss MIDI! And your blog posts. 😉

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    • midimike says:

      Woh! That was a great come back. Only you would come up with that one, LOL. There is all kinds of music I would have to ‘play’ inside my head; but I do any way, so not really missing anything there Ha!

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  4. Why, shopping, of course!

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  5. CatGCrafts says:

    Yes indeed, the ability to enjoy a super skin melting hot shower would be very high up on my list, also! It would take longer to brew coffee also…:( I wonder how libraries and yarn shops would transform? As long as we didn’t have to watch out for zombie hordes, I think there would be a lot more reading and knitting going on! (I like putting a positive spin on things!)

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    • midimike says:

      Ideal! I envision no zombie hordes in this world, so I am really loving the more reading and knitting, with maybe some good old fashioned guitar playing minstrels thrown in!
      I have always been an optimist as well. We can sit while we solar brew our coffee or tea, listen to the minstrels and finally read the book that has been sitting on our shelves for way too long.
      I think that goes really well with the hot shower to get you started! LOL

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