In Summary

Posted: May 28, 2022 in Poetry
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Life on the outside is cruel and often mean.
Life on the inside can be what you make it to be.
You have more than I do and it’s still not enough.
If someone ‘wants you’, you think that they’re in love.

I find the simple pleasures we share
Can provide the answers for hope and prayer.
Literally, just stop and face the other way
We see so much clearly in the light of day.

In Summary;
There’s a bunch of things I haven’t done yet.
In Summary;
Far too many things I’ve learned to regret.
In Summary;
The important ones I try not to forget.
In Summary;
I’m not a gambler
But there were many times
I should have placed my bet.

The difference between the haves and the have-nots
Or more like the players that miss all the free shots.
Learn to appreciate everything that goes toward the Sum
I’ve gotten old and slow, but I’ve never been dumb.

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