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As a creative person, I will often get struck with ideas or projects and even solutions to existing work-blocks without notice. (this is a good thing lol) If I can’t preserve the thoughts at the time there is a good probability I might lose them forever. So I try to get to the computer, writing pad, recorder quickly.

Invariably, I find myself in a creative mood with a great thought…….. ready to capture what will be my greatest work…….. only to have to wait for the computer to do a software download and update. Then comes the mandatory restart and my idea is totally gone. I go to record in my home studio and face load times, cables not connected for this project, something decides not to work for no reason other than it knows I am in a hurry and other events that would be funny in other situations. I can’t find a pen and the pencil point breaks and the notebook is downstairs.

When I get a cup of tea and a block of time to get things done I like to power up my computer or studio and start working. I don’t want to wait for the updates. I am on a mission.

I feel the same way about other areas. If I need to vacuum the floor, I don’t want to empty the container first. When I am ready to paint, I don’t want to stop and clean all the brushes first.

It might seem to others that I waste a lot of time on preventive maintenance and cataloging, but I know the frustration of losing something that could be wonderful.

I am a Before person. How do you look at the day?

I have been a bit distracted lately.  I have a computer at home that I use to record music and to create the sounds I use with the MIDI controllers.  That is all I use it for.  I update the recording software and the plug-ins that I use, but other than that I have not done any updates since I got everything working reasonably well.   I subscribe to; don’t fix it if it ain’t broke……..

My office computer is another story.  I keep it up to date – within reason – and I try to get all the current drivers, etc.   I use it for everything you use a computer for including playing my audio mixes and working on videos.  So I recently upgraded to Windows 10.

Immediately I could not play audio files or video clips with attached audio.  Nothing changed on the sound card and it shows everything working properly.    Try to play an audio or video file though and the music player crashes.  I gave Windows some feedback. I am dead in the water.   Almost a month ago I got another update (I am checking daily if not more often for an update that will fix this bug) and it worked.  No problem playing audio or videos.

Two days later no audio again.  I sent more feedback and no helpful response in return.  Not unexpected.  I work for a company that uses software updates for our products and I understand how a few can be affected but almost everyone else does not have an issue or problem.  Things are very complex these days and even though devices and programs are GENERALLY easier to use, they are dependent on so many other factors and variables.  I go through the trouble to Reset Windows 10 and install all my programs again.  Still no audio.  A few days ago there is an update and I can again play audio.  Last weekend I was playing music all the time in celebration (yeah, I was in a kind of ‘cold turkey’ for you more senior readers….).

Today I log in and no audio again!   ARRRGHH!  I try to be patient but I think I am ready to trade my Windows 10 in for my old Windows 7!   Sometimes it’s all a numbers game.