A Song in the Making Part II

Posted: February 26, 2016 in My Tunes, Uncategorized
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As Part II of this series I will post the rough version of the heart of the musical components starting with the Piano and basic arrangement of the new song, “My Heart Is Silent”.  © 2016. Click here to read Part I. 

For the Piano we are using an 88 wood weighted keyboard controller.  It is an older Yamaha KX88.  As you will remember from the MIDI series posted earlier (LINK) the KX88 makes no sound at all.  While it has the play and feel of a real piano, it sits on a keyboard stand and I use the MIDI OUT to connect through a router I have straight to the computer.  In future posts I will go into more detail on how the sounds are generated and what I am using to get each sound. We recorded a few passes and because this is MIDI, I had the ability to move pieces around as we focused in on the arrangement.

The piano player listened to a glorified ‘click track’ I created with a MIDI drum controller from my Alesis Control Pad.   It has 8 assignable trigger pads and a cymbal trigger that can be set to trigger sounds from any MIDI device, but again I am going straight to the computer and using internal sounds for the drum parts.  This way we can record the piano part with the correct tempo even though there are no other instruments recorded yet.  This also makes editing easier if everything fits within the measures.  When we rearranged the sections I  ‘cut and paste’ parts from one place to another just the way you would with a Word document.  This makes life much easier for the recording engineer (yours truly).  If this was recorded with a microphone and without the click track it would be awkward to work with.

The KX88 also has sustain and volume controller pedals attached, so to the piano player it acts and feels quite natural.  Mack E. is my partner in creating this new song.  He read the lyrics I wrote to “My Heart Is Silent” and asked if he could take them home and work on the music.  This is a theme he has had in his personal arsenal for a while.  He played a bit with the tune and came up with a melody for the lyrics.  We worked on the arrangement until we were happy with it and here is the rough version of the piano chords.  We will add other instruments and vocals later but for now we have a good foundation for the song so we can build support instruments to fill out the song.


  1. Tikeetha T says:

    I like it. I don’t know anything about the pianos but the sound was smooth and calming.

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    • midimike says:

      Good. I was hoping to have the music match the lyrics as I envision waking up each day feeling calm and optimistic, before the busy life kicks in with all its demands. The strings keep the slow pace as if watching the sun rise. Well, those are my feelings when I listen! Thank you so much for the comments.

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  2. Awesome. I wish I had learned how to play keyboards. I think it would open a lot of songwriting possibilities for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • midimike says:

      Thanks! My good friend Mack is playing the piano parts on this one, but I am glad I learned. I am self taught. I consider myself a keyboard player and not a piano player and there are some important differences there, but being able to use music to describe emotions and moods is very helpful for me. It allows my lyrics or poetry to take flight and get off the ground so to speak. You still have plenty of time, you know! I did not start playing keyboards until I was in my 30’s!!!


  3. bino32 says:

    This rough version is better than any song I ever finished 😀 I really like the strings, as they seem calmer compared to the piano chords. It’s a good contrast. Keep up the good work!

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  4. Azul Zaffre says:

    WOW, this is way more high-tech than I ever imagined, Mike. I think back to guys in their garages–couple guitars and a drum set (Buddy Holly)… Have a blessed weekend 🙂

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  5. othermary says:

    Well done, both of you!

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  6. tracihalpin says:

    I closed my eyes as I listened to the music. I love the piano and the combination of the strings with it. Very peaceful. Looking forward to the next part!

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  7. poeturja says:

    Lyrics and music, incredible match. So heart-felt, with joyousness bursting through. Perfect!

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