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“Chase The Dream”

When one of the bands I worked with collapsed under the pressures of day to day life, it was quickly resurrected in a new form.  Most of Euphoria members did not want to stop playing so we regrouped with a new guitar player to replace one of the founding members and became The Chase.  We played out with about ten different names for a few months – Scenic Route was another favorite of mine – until we settled on The Chase.  These guys were great.  We had a solid rhythm section, a great lead singer and back up vocals that were tight and an amazing lead guitar player that could feel everything he played. We could play cover songs no other bands would play live.  We also threw in originals from time to time.  The banner was hung one each side of the stage vertically as seen in one of the photos below, and horizontally behind the drum set.  It was pretty eye-catching and a lot of people complimented it.

I am an archivist.  I record everything.  Audio recordings of practice sessions and live performances. Video of many performances and photos of major events.  Before YouTube I posted a number of them on our cable TV Local Access channels using their video editing suite.  I had my fingers in everything.  Some of the projects got finished, but a lot of the raw tapes have only been viewed by me and a select group of people.

I just put together a new video that uses a lot of this vintage raw video and some of the photographs from the time period.  The medium is so old that the quality suffers, but it does a good job of representing the events of the time.  We played in many clubs and outdoor events and I will create future videos to highlight more venues.   For this video I used an original instrumental song that Nick Robinson was working on and our new band, The Chase, made it our own.  There is no video of the song as we only played it out a few times.  Nicky has since re-joined Euphoria when it regrouped a few years ago and is still playing out with some amazing players.

Please check out my latest YouTube post (and other videos while you are there) of his original tune: “Chasing The Dream”.  Enjoy!

Chase The Dream

  1. tmezpoetry says:

    Added you on youtube, I like this song and the vintage photo display was cool.

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  2. Very cool stuff, love the vintage footage!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tom Robinson says:

    great music selection. the pictures are precious!

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    • midimike says:

      We had a few original gems that I really liked. Unfortunately, most songs were “in the works” and not recorded in the studio like this one was. It is about time I started posting some of these vintage performances.


  4. bitwise1010 says:

    philosophically, yes — you are an archivist of great history.

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    • midimike says:

      Still, so much has slipped away over the years. I am glad that I managed to capture great times and the creative efforts of so many talented people including yourself. Now the race is on to get the archives posted and available on current sites and formats. This will inevitably slow down now that I am working again, but the efforts will continue!


  5. bitwise1010 says:

    people like you are rare — you decide opinions

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