“Hearts Of Stone” Poem Set To Music

Posted: June 22, 2018 in My Tunes
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I kept hearing a melody line while reading the poem “Hearts Of Stone” I posted earlier.  It is a haunting melody in many ways.  The music behind it is sparse and supports the vocals with open space and fluid timing.  The music seems out of place at first as the lyrics are happy, hopeful and even loving.  On the other side of the chorus the lyrics take a darker look at the conditions many people live with.  The minor key and slow progression of the instruments come into play and help paint a portrait of dismal human experiences.

As with a number of my original recordings, I wish I could sing the piece with power and passion the way it needs to be sung to convey the ideas in my head, but this is probably the best I can do.  Close your eyes and pretend your favorite vocalist is singing.  That MIGHT help lol. Comments suggested a rock song for the lyrics and I agree.  I am playing with the idea and may have another version in the future.  For now, here is my eerie version of “Hearts Of Stone”.


  1. This is going to haunt me all day today. I think your voice suits it. If it was more powerful, as you say, or louder, it would not be the same inpact

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  2. David Kennedy says:

    You’re too hard on you’re vocals; they’re fine and you don’t use it here, but I always liked your falsettos.

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  3. normabobb says:

    I love your rendition of this song, it is beautiful.

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