I would like to share a number of experiences and lessons I have learned over the years.  My friends call me a closet teacher.  Teaching is just something I love to do.  If I learned it, so can you.  And I have learned a lot about ‘running sound”.

I am fortunate to have had experience from four distinct points of view.  Each is an important but uniquely different facet of the big picture called ‘Live Sound Reinforcement”.  From spending a lot of time in each area, I was able to see how they all fit together and how we can make the job easier and improve the understanding and control of running sound for a live performance. 

Here are the four main branches in no particular order as you will see.

Studio engineer – controlled environment, fancy equipment (that never gets moved or unplugged) and time to ‘ rewind’ and try again.

Live Performer – need to hear ‘me’ more than others but need to hear others.  Loud volume, “in the moment” energy and excitement.  Changing environments and equipment.  Group or team involvement

Sound Reinforcement – make what the band/act is doing on stage sound good and not too loud in the audience of varying sizes and in challenging environments.

Audio and Instrument Sales – newest and coolest toys, contacts with company reps and training seminars, clients that are great musicians.

I have been combining these four branches for years.  If I run into difficulties in a live situation, I can set up the equipment after a gig and recreate the problem.  Then with no live audience or making sure the show goes on kind of pressure, I can look for a solution.  Sometimes it is more gear (or often just the right gear), sometimes a different cable or patch, sometimes a talk with the band members (LOL).

I will not go into heavy technical background or graphs unless I have to, but there are great references on line if you want to get details.  If you are starting out and do not have a lot of experience (or any) you will benefit quickly from this series and will be able to pick this up in no time. 

My name is Michael and studio friends call me MIDI Mike.  Welcome to MIDIMike’s Live Sound Reinforcement series. 

  1. Herman says:

    Hi Michael. Thank you for visiting and following HoB. Much appreciated!

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    • danaj33 says:

      Michael! My brother of sonic lifestyles! I come from all four branches and have made my living in each for the past 30 years. I would like to send my students in my sound reinforcement and studio recording courses here to connect to your words. I teach at City College of San Francisco in the Broadcast Electronic Arts department. Where are you located?


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      • midimike says:

        I am excited to find another long lost sibling of sonic lifestyles! Ha. They do exist. I am also honored – and as is my nature – curious indeed. I would be delighted see how I can benefit you and your students, as this truly is one of my great passions. While no claim to fame, I am a native and reside in Cincinnati, Ohio. I look forward to further conversations at your convenience.


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