Lyrics to “Red on Your Blue Suede Shoes” – Per request

Posted: March 26, 2015 in MUSIC, My Tunes
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Well, I tripped,

I didn’t fall.

I looked up,

And I slipped down.

You look up and still don’t find the sky.

The last time.

Who’s there to damn them if they don’t try.

Their worst crime.

Well, they slipped up.

God one more time.

They got their money,

So they don’t mind.

You look around and wonder why,

Your friends die.

No one can blame you, I saw you try.

Ain’t your crime, ain’t your crime.

You wake up in the morning,

With red on your blue suede shoes.

They don’t give you no warning,

When it’s your time to lose.

You look up and wonder why.

Your friends die.

Who’s there to blame you cause you don’t try

Your worse crime.

You wake up in the morning,

With red on your blue suede shoes.

They don’t give you no warning,

When it’s your time to lose.

  1. skat says:

    I have a new appreciation of the piece now. The underlying bass line is very effective. Despite the tragic subject matter, I really do like the song. Do you have it on iTunes?

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    • midimike says:

      Thank you again. I believe this song and a few others should be available on iTunes, although I have never checked. Shows you where my priority is concerning material things!


  2. dirtdaubber says:

    Haunting. Such a senseless thing, and so costly.

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  3. Tom Robinson says:

    Good lyrics are easy to recognize, but tough to write. You need a smooth mix of hyperbole and subtlety. This version of Blue Suede Shoes deals with a human stampede that killed a number of young Who fans. Few remember that Cincy concert. And it doesn’t matter. Midimike’s lyrics are angry, with intense words like crime & blame. But the message is subtle and personal. It applies to anyone of us, anything we did or had done to us. According to reliable legend, Midimike and associates assembled this song in a single day.

    The bass line is indeed groovy!


    • midimike says:

      I could not have said it better. These tragedies affect all of us in some way. And yes, it could be any one of us. The thing we don’t know now is if we will be the victim, the “criminal” or the hero. We never know until we are faced with unthinkable challenges, and can only hope. In this case, I think the nature and emotion behind the song drove it together from start to finish. We were simply the conduit….. the recording happened years after the event. Maybe in future posts I will play other versions of this song to show the progression over the years. ALWAYS good to hear from you. Your observations and generous thoughts have an impact equal to the subject and the lyrics. I never take them for granted.


  4. Nice lyrics, very catchy !

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