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Posted: April 12, 2016 in My Tunes
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Last September I posted an article with some lyrics/poetry that I had written a while ago called “Some People” using lyrics from a poem called “Some People Are”.  I left out some of the verses for the post but for a refresher to the article use the following link:

I did not have music for it at the time and it sat for a while but I really liked some of the verses.   Then I thought about asking readers to submit their own verses because you are so creative and I would come up with some music for it and post it as a shared song written by fellow bloggers.  As things in life happen as they can – not as I plan or want them to – I put it on the list and worked on a few other things like finding a job and other projects.  But things on my list usually get done.  One way or another ……….. in one form or another.

The structure of the lyrics changed a little, so the submissions will need to fit the meter of the new lyrics below.  I can’t guarantee that I will add every submission, but I will take select submissions and post the song.  I think it would be fun and entries will be credited as co-authors.  The new song is titled: “Some People”.

  “Some People Are”                   Lyrics by MSK © 2-22-2016  

 Some people are humans 

 Trying to get their kicks 

 Some people are animals 

 Able to learn new tricks. 

Are you somebody? 

 Show me.  Show me. 


Some people are clever 

 They know just what to do 

 Some people are sneaky 

 And always out of view. 

  Are you different? 

 Different than me?  


  Most people are decent 

 And give you the time of day 

 Most people are ignorant 

 Of debts they should have paid. 

 Do you know these people? 

  Do they know you? 


Most people are honest  

Till they tell their first lie 

 Most people are lonely 

 And will never say good bye. 

Does it matter? 

 Does it matter to me? 


  More people are angry 

Seeing things in black and white 

More people are dreaming 

 Something wrong that should be right. 

 Where are the people? 

 Have you seen the people? 


Poor people are proven guilty 

More often than not 

Poor people are givers 

And they’ll share what they’ve got. 

 More poor people 

 Would help a lot. 


You tried to tell me something 

I could never understand. 

Wouldn’t know how to follow 

 If you guided me by the hand. 

 Tell me. 

 Tell me something. 


  So many wrong directions 

In my ever-changing past. 

 Can’t guarantee to be there first, but 

 I have never been the last. 

 Another wrong direction 

 Forgotten so fast. 


Your people are crazy 

 Going out all the time 

 Your people are busy 

 But they’ll stop to pick up a dime. 

 It’s not worth it. 

 Not worth it to me. 


Your people are active 

 Found the right ass to kick 

 Your people are saying  

 That’s the nature of politics. 

 That’s the nature 

 The nature of politics 

  1. Not sure if I understand…are you looking for additional lyrics? Because the song seems complete to me. I like it.

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  2. pixieannie says:

    Aha, so you’re after writing a new song on the same theme? Cool. I’d be willing to send something after I’ve figured out what.

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  3. Very cool indeed!

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  4. None Other Then Hannah says:

    Some beings are kind,
    Generous to others.
    While many are glued,
    Haunt victims to the ache.
    Countless overcome,
    And show way of escape.

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  5. None Other Then Hannah says:

    you inspired me. Thanks for putting your lyrics up. gets the creative juices going.

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  6. The Bioman says:

    There are a number of poets and I include “pixieannie” and her compadres who do it already – constructing poems, ad libbing and collaborating. Send us another reminder when you have refined what you want MM, in the next coupla days….?

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    • midimike says:

      I am going to put music to the lyrics I posted today and record it as song version 1, and then take verse submissions from bloggers using the same rhyme and meter scheme as the lyrics. Then I will sing and record select verses on top of the same background music as song version 2 and post it. If I get a lot of great verses, it might require version 3. If this goes over well and gets good response, I will suggest another topic for a new song that may also have multiple versions.
      Not so much ad lib but co-authored songs by fellow bloggers.


  7. I love these lyrics It will be fun to participate in your next song. Cant wait to see the topic.

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  8. bino32 says:

    Some people are happy
    A smile or two to spread
    Some people, they feel blue
    With cold steel pressed against their heads
    Trembling like me?
    Or dancing like you?

    I had to give it a try:)

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  9. Azul Zaffre says:

    WOW, Mike–your words are truth on truth. I especially love the part about “poor” people–truly, we are the givers, and we need more of “us” 🙂

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    • midimike says:

      It seems counter-intuitive but in reality we see it all the time. This country needs more poor people like us! Thank you!


      • Azul Zaffre says:

        I guess it could be argued that we don’t need more of the poor who cause problems–but there’s a growing population of “poor” who didn’t use to be, and “we” have not shucked off our values 🙂

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      • midimike says:

        Safe argument and true. We used to be able to work hard, save, and get ahead. Not everyone did, but if you tried you could take care of your family and still retire without working until you are dead or eating dog food. So many people saved and lost most of it in the housing and stock collapse they could not predict or prevent.
        School debt through the roof and no one was hiring.
        I can understand the frustration boiling in the political arena I just think it is misdirected.


      • Azul Zaffre says:

        Yes, misdirected–you’re right on, Mike.

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      • midimike says:

        Thanks, and glad you are one of “us”!


      • Azul Zaffre says:

        Although sometimes it can be uncomfortable, challenging–I wouldn’t trade my “poor” status with anybody in the wealthy stratosphere. Most of their problems aren’t really about money… (oh, I’m sounding judgemental…)

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      • midimike says:

        I agree. When I was younger I kept thinking I was ‘unlucky’ or left out. Now I realize I was actually very fortunate. Wealth before wisdom can be a terrible challenge.


      • azulzaffre says:

        I’m moving again-will advise you when I get situated in a new blog… Best wishes to you.

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      • midimike says:

        Please do keep in touch. Don’t stop sharing – I depend on it for sanity!


  10. Charles G. says:

    Some say it’s not their place
    Others misuse the day
    The faithful will say grace
    Some have too much to say
    A wonderful spot
    To watch it revolve

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  11. Rockleigh says:

    I think you have covered everything we are proud to do and also guilty of committing!
    Love it.

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  12. Precious says:

    Wow. That’s real good write up. Will put up some.

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  13. Ok so here it goes – Some people are just people not me but you – longing for a reason to not to be blue – hey my brother hang in, you can sing again – it’s all about the tune you see – but this life just ain’t free. Some people are just people, not me but you. So sing that tune to chase the blues.

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  14. tracihalpin says:

    Some people are real
    Some people pretend
    Some people don’t feel
    Which one are you?

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  15. tracihalpin says:

    This is a fun idea!!

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  16. Some people say they spread the love, believe like them and rise above. But if you stray and use your mind you fall so fast and ties unbind.

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  17. p. ray says:

    love this

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  18. rubiredsaid says:

    Truly sorry I missed this but the lyrics/poem of mine that you liked, I am giving you my permission to put music to it, sing it, and don’t forget my copy!
    Best wishes.

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  19. […] The following is version two of the song I posted titled: “Some People”.  See the following link to review the post: […]


  20. Some people have ideas crazy
    Some people have vision hazy
    Some people are too busy
    Some people have everything easy
    Some people become dizzy
    When they see something glitzy.

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