I guess my age and the labor-intensive job I have will collide more frequently than I would hope.  The impact on my body is two-fold:

On one hand I maintain strength and flexibility.

On the other I stress muscles, tendons, bones and stamina beyond what is probably safe or healthy.

I am a dork.  I like to work hard.  Like walking slowly…….  I can’t do it.  It actually takes more effort for me to slow down and it feels awkward.  I work the same way.  If there is a deadline or clear goal I work harder.

Just over a week ago I went to an orthopedic doctor to perform bi-lateral carpal tunnel surgery.  I could have done one hand at a time but each recovery would be about six weeks.  Even if there was no time in-between – or they overlap a little, that is a long time.  I don’t want to go back to work sooner, but I would like to start playing instruments and recording.  If I do them both at the same time I will be ready to start working on getting my chops back up to speed sooner.  If I am really lucky, there will be improvements in dexterity and endurance.

I still do things I can.  I write poetry and lyrics.  I look at their musical possibilities and as soon as a melody or chord progression forms I can’t let it go.  I cannot play guitar or drums, and very little keyboards at this point, but I managed to put some drum loops down for my recent post: “Something To Say”.  Without other instruments I wrote a melody from the drums and meter of the lyrics.  Usually I would have instruments to sing against, so this is kind of working backwards from my usual creative flow.  Maybe I will complete the song with other instruments. Maybe you will, and send them to me!

  1. sdtp33 says:

    Like this…I would let it stand as it is, don’t clutter it up, the lyric is very good and that’s all you need, the odd stab of electric guitar at most but nothing else…my humble opinion, of course!

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    • midimike says:

      Wow, thank you. Secretly I have been thinking the same thing. I usually hear what instruments I want to fill out a song, but nothing but embellishment stabs came to mind. That was perfect. I appreciate the comment.

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  2. Chris White says:

    Blimey Mike. The scars do look pretty sore but also impressive. Game of Thrones almost. Your music will prove all the better after a rest. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Chris.

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  3. Paul says:

    Ouch ! May your recovery steadily and positively progress. Take care.

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  4. Dionne Bee says:

    I totally agree with your approach to the surgery, Mike: one recovery time, one period of utter discomfort. I pray your recovery will go very well.

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  5. Susan Scott says:

    Good luck on your recovery and full use off hands Mike! ‘The something to say’ is great as is I thought ..

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  6. shanitaleedigitalmusic says:

    It seems to be a common problem when composing music. It can be addictive with targets and deadlines. I’m just as guilty except I now consider time out more important from a health point of view. Not easy to go against one’s impulses but does give benefits. But who knows you could be setting a new trend with sole vocals and drums ‘Something to Say’.

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    • midimike says:

      Agreed. For years I did not want a raise at work, I wanted more vacation time out and away from work. It is difficult to hold back at times. I appreciate the comments. I am not sure if I will add much if anything to the song. Funny, I kind of like it the way it is.

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