With your help and a lot of other social groups and individuals, we have helped raise money to help my friend John try to recover from the house fire that happened while he was away.  He still has not been able to get home to see the damage and to make plans for the immediate future.  I really want to thank all of you for great comments, spreading the word and financial support.   My guess is a number of people that do not know him offered support in a number of different ways.  I am frankly proud and grateful of the way this blog community responded.  Thank you again!

As many of you know I have been a musician for many years and met John when he was hired to work at the same music store I worked in.  It is kind of funny as you get older you can talk of personal experiences in terms of DECADES!!   Just saying.

Back on track, I wanted to give you an idea of the damage from the fire and the amazing group of local friends that organized without instruction and worked extremely hard to recover as many personal belongings as we could – and the restoration work that continues; and frankly, is really just at the beginning of that phase.  I wanted to give you a picture.  But we all know that is impossible.  You cannot describe the lobbies in Las Vegas hotels or what it feels like in the middle of the ocean to someone that has never been there.   We try.   We get close.   They get the idea, but until you have similar experiences it can be hard to know what those and many other things in life are truly like.

I have been to his house but I still do not have the big picture.  The closest I can get is reliving the feeling I had when I came home from one of those rescue missions…..  I walked up to my front door and as I started to put the key in the lock I thought;  what if all of this is gone?  In the difference of a day…….  Memories gone.      Pictures gone.      Music gone.        Furniture gone.     Everything.   Gone.

With those thoughts in mind and my keys in my hand, I wrote this song.  I thank all of you for sharing, in so many ways.   And while I am at it, thank you for allowing us to share with you.



  1. That had happened to a house of my uncle – the family went on holiday but unable to come home until the fourth week. Even if they did try to re-schedule their flights home, it was not possible. Nothing was left but black ashes. He and his wife, with two girls had stayed nearly a year with us. Even if the space was tight, we had the best year together and that made us all came closer somehow. When they went out to their new home, I felt my world was being torn apart and suddenly the house was empty and I don’t see my two cousins anymore. We were like ten or eleven at that time – but the wonderful memories stay, despite the dark tragedy that had happened to them …

    I wish your friend all the best of luck on this!

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    • midimike says:

      This is a very important part of life. Some people think in terms of “I have to…” rather than “I have the opportunity to”…. Once the event is over, you may realize how much you, maybe not enjoyed, but needed to have it affect your life. You were very generous and even though it was probably not the most spacious arrangement, the outcome was beneficial to all. Here’s to all the wonderful memories that stay long after the event. I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you very much.

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  2. MissMay says:

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    Sending many positive vibes for the future.

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  3. thoughtseeds says:

    What a great friend you are! I’m nominating you for The Creative Blogger Award. Find the details here: https://toniumbarger.wordpress.com/2015/07/27/the-creative-blogger-award/
    Hoping the best for your friend!

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