I wanted to share and experience I had earlier this week. As you know I am almost 70 years old. I regularly take my older sister to her dialysis appointments and to other doctor visits and hospital stays she has required for the last few years. She lives about an hour outside of town, but all of her doctors are near the city where I live. She does not drive and does not own a car, so when she has a medical appointment I drive about an hour to pick her up, drive an hour to the appointment which is close to my house and then drive her back home, stopping for medicine and usually lunch on the way. Then finally head back home. Lately she will get a ride to the appointment, and that way I only drive the round trip once.

She called hours before the appointment one morning because her scheduled driver did not show up. She scrambled and could get an appointment later the same day IF I could come and get her now. So I went to pick her up and take her to the appointment and then to pick up dialysis supplies she needs. We stopped for lunch around the mall area when we saw the Taste of Belgium was open as she had never been there before.

We ate our lunch and asked for the check as well as we needed to leave soon for the second appointment. Nothing special, there were a few other customers being served, we had a great meal and a good time. I was not upset or bummed that I had to drive both ways, and I have a great time visiting with my sister whenever I get a chance. Unfortunately, the appointment runs have become the only time we really see each other these days.

But as usual, I digress. When the waitress did not come back right away to get our check paid, I offered to go get the car so my sister didn’t have to walk across the parking lot. When I picked her up outside she told me she went to pay the check and the cashier said the two women that just left before us had already paid our bill! I was totally floored!

I can only guess why they decided to give us a very special gift. I would probably be wrong. Whatever the real reason, the effect was restoring my faith in humanity, at a time when it is desperately needed by so many.

I try to do similar things for others but I am inspired now, again.

Share and Enjoy!

Michael S Kennedy


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This is obviously my patriotic anthem. Just looking at some of my own ancestry and cultural histories I respect and have been blessed to experience. Kinda corny but I still get choked up reading these lyrics. This is one of those songs where I keep trying to make a good demo recording and it just never goes anywhere. Various arrangements, vocalists and instruments but nothing seems to fit correctly.

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Going over old recordings I finally found one of my gems from 1977. Back then I was learning to play guitar and my friend TR would jam with me. I knew a few musicians even back then and on the weekends we would gather at my place for dinner and a fun evening.

We would have about a dozen friends come over and after meals and a few drinks we would inevitably pull out the guitars and other toys. I didn’t spend much time learning or playing cover songs. That happened, but most of the time we wrote our own material. Our songs ran the gambit between topics of the day and the humorous things in life. I recorded on state of the art technology in those days: reel-to-reel tape recorders. I had a Tascam (Teac) 4-track machine back then so we could record an AMAZING 4 tracks at one time!

This song is one of our funnier songs. It wasn’t like we were trying to be like the Smothers Brother’s Comedy Hour from 1967, but we enjoyed humor in our music. This take starts with TR vocals and Ovation guitar introducing the theme of the song as I join in with my Ovation 12 string guitar.

Here is the only recording of that song. It is just the two of us jamming late after most others had crashed or gone home or to work. I learned a lot about harmonies during these sessions and still get a kick listening to us making up the arrangement as we go along.

Enjoy a funny blast from the past and wait for the end of the song for the lyrical punch line.

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Also called Reels of Tape. See original lyric post here

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Thinking about the impossible you can get clouded by the odds. But with billions of choices swirling around, impossible things are actually inevitable. Like being one of a kind and meeting another one of a kind. Sometimes it is just a matter of perspective. Things that can’t be happen all the time. Now and then if you stop forcing and searching it will happen.

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For the last six months or so I have been taking care of my grandson’s cat while he moves and gets settled. The cat is a tabby named Kit. Yes, a cat named Kit.

We get along very well and he is the best cat in the whole world. (I can say that because my cat, TazMo, died years ago at the old age of 17). If it weren’t for the fact that I am allergic to most pets this would be a great thing. He spends all day trying to rub his scent on me and I spend most of the day trying to wash it off!

It was on one of the more boring days with me just looking at the cat – and he looking at me – that I came up with the idea for a poem. In two seconds I thought about making it a children’s story – that turned into lyrics and you know me – a song. I actually read it to him now while I pet him. But I also decided it would be fun to read my poetry for a pod post. Here is my first, and out of order Poetry POD reading called, ‘The Cat”……


Pet the Cat

“The Cat” © MSK 11/26/2022

If you are standing around
With nothing to do:
Pet the Cat.
When both your hands are empty
Your mind is a blank.

When the weather is bad
Everyone’s feeling blue,
Pet the Cat.
If it’s a beautiful day
And you don’t know who to thank:
Pet the Cat.

You got nothin’ else better to do.
The only one you’re foolin’ is you.
So much wasted time at that.
You should have Pet the Cat.

Alone and feeling down
The day just won’t end?
Pet the Cat.
In for the holidays
Relatives are such a bore.

When you open your mouth
All you do is offend.
Pet the Cat.
The story seems longer
Than 100 times before,
Pet the Cat. Pet the Cat. Pet the Cat. Pet the Cat.

Everyone is snoring
You can’t get to sleep?
Pet the Cat.
Just want to close your eyes
And forget about the day?

Can’t get out of this one
Dug yourself in too deep.
Pet the Cat.
Want to be noble
And look clever and wise?
Pet the Cat. Pet the Cat. Pet the Cat. Pet the Cat.

You got nothin’ else better to do.
The only one you’re foolin’ is you.
So much wasted time at that.
You should have Pet the Cat.

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The ‘haves’ have more. News at 11.

I know you are still playing games
And cannot see what I’ve lost.

For too many, the tab gets paid by others.
For you, There is no Cost.

Pull up to another table
Grab a fancy pair of dice.
You don’t need anyone
Let alone their advice.

Black is black and everything in between
What’s left is a white that blinds like the sun.
Defended by lies no choice but to go on
There’ll be many more before this song is done.

I know you are still playing games
And cannot see what I’ve lost.

For too many, the tab gets paid by others.
For you, There is no Cost.
For you, There is no cost
There is no Cost.

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I have been busy and quite productive in spite of the world moving as fast as ever as I slow down. next year I will be 70, so everything I do takes a bit longer these days.

I have a few songs, a lot of poetry , some photos and a couple outside projects to show for it.

Here is a new song I can blame on too much time to think in between projects. Some darker themes throughout. More to come if I can find the time, even if the descriptions and personal stories are shorter than I usually aim for. Thanks for your understanding.

11 2 2022

Pot makes me paranoid
Alcohol makes me cry.
If you ask me a question
I’ll want to know the reason why.

If we could do this all over again
It Wouldn’t Be the Same.
I’ve loved you forever 

But it’s driving me insane.

Friends we know are complicated
And rarely ever try.
I told you I will love you,
Until the day I die.  Until the day that I die.

Life becomes precious to those
Who see what lies ahead.
Each day becomes very special
For those who know they’ll soon be dead.

Take the time, the time is now
To look what’s inside your head.
I tell you over and over again
But you ignore what I’ve said.

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I want to share with you my latest 24 hour song. Written, recorded and mixed in one day. This is “Trance”.

MSK 11 2 2022

It seems to me
This is the place to be.
Outside everything
Inside nothing

In a
In a

It seems to me
This is the place to be.
Outside everything
Inside nothing

Internal Glance
Brain Dance
Another Chance

In a Trance

Outside everything
Inside nothing

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