Sometimes it just fits
Sometimes it belongs.
Too often we use words
That should have been songs.

Careless promises
Meant to be no harm.
Dissolve into emptiness
And quickly lose their charm.

With a little praying
You can make it work.
But without forcing
She makes you feel like a jerk.

Sometimes it just fits
Sometimes it belongs.
Too often we use words
That should have been songs.

Sometimes we just fit
Sometimes we belong.
Too often we can’t find words
But always remember the song.

Comfort in your glance
Healing of your touch.
Our mutual reliance
We don’t talk about much.

Sometimes it just fits
Sometimes it belongs.
Too often we can’t find words
But always remember the song.

The Next Step is yours, my friend
But I’d think about each and every one.
You never cared what bridges you burned
By the grin on your face you were just having fun.

The Next Step is yours, young man
But all you can think of is where you should run.
Acting like some man of war
Only to find out you need a bigger gun.

The Next Step is yours, for now
Though your choices are worse than none.
You kept crying ‘how did I get here’
And failed to notice when the journey had begun

The Next Steps are yours, again
In the race you invented you have nowhere to run.
You stop and turn around half way through
Cursing the world because you have never won.

The Next Steps are yours, don’t look back
Don’t worry, a few more steps and you’re almost done.
The Next Steps are yours, always were
Can’t wait to see how the stories are spun.

Sonar Track Panel Wave and MIDI files that generate sounds from computer programs called plug-ins

I mentioned experimenting with an on-line jamming program. It became the clipboard for a few guitar sections I created while waiting for one thing or another to work. I titled each as verse, bridge, chorus, etc. I had to give it a project name to save the clipboard and I came up with “Not Now”.

I used those short pieces and assembled them into a song arrangement. Once the chords and arrangement were in place I naturally started thinking of lyrics (as I have a tendency to do). The file was named Not Now so I kept it as my Cakewalk (BandLab) project name. So it becomes the theme of the lyrics. In one hour they were written. Getting them to match the odd rhythms and sparse instrumentation became a challenge. It took me a few days to come up with the melody and then practice it enough to get the rough tracks down. To all just joining; I get things down to rough tracks and then write another song, poetry, lyric or instrumental. When I was young I hoped some band would do my songs correctly in a studio. I am not young now.

Here is a rough mix of “Not Now”. I used a Martin Acoustic/Electric guitar for the guitar track. Using my MIDI keyboard I pulled up a plug-in for drum sounds. I imported the original noodling guitar parts I did from the clipboard but they were not recorded to a metronome or drum pattern. I listened and figured out the tempo of the segments and set Cakewalk to match. That way I could listen to the short guitar segments as I created the basic drum parts and arranged all the segments in order. I pulled up a bass guitar sound and played the MIDI keyboard to generate the bass line.

Next, I Muted the original guitar tracks and recorded a new track to replace it. The song seemed to cry out for strings but that is usually just me. I like good sounding strings in various styles of music.

Lyrics were posted here:

I use two monitors as there is a lot of information to keep ‘track’ of even for a small project.
This is the Piano Roll view. Each color represents different instruments. The lower group triggers drum sounds.

I gave a link to BandLab above. Full disclaimer this is not a commercial and I do not get paid for anything I do here. However….. if you are interested I used to pay hundreds of dollars every year or so to keep this great recording program updated. They now offer the program and all updates for FREE. No kidding.

I hope you enjoy “Not Now”. Each time I listen to it I like it more. Again, this is just me as each new song I write becomes my newest favorite.

If just for a little while.

I have been working with a few friends to set up on-line jamming from separate locations. I will go into this a bit later for anyone interested. I did spend some time on-line with a program for live sessions. During my testing I had a bit of a wait time so I noodled around on my guitar. While waiting I used a record feature in the program and captured a few segments of my noodling that I liked. It required a name in order to save and in the mood I was in I called it Not Now.

As you know I am not good with names – of any kind – and my song titles usually show that weakness. So now that I had a name for the music pieces, I had to write lyrics sooner or later and was stuck with Not Now as the title!

I finished the basic music tracks in a couple days. Listening to the arrangement I got out my writing tools and came up with the following lyrics. I will smooth out the music and post sooner or later. Here is “Not Now”:

I really can’t wait
For you and this weekend.
Seems like forever
Since we had a minute alone.
No more than a boy
Paralyzed in an ice cream store.
Or that time I cried…..
Until we had to leave the zoo.

Not Now.
I’ve heard it all my life.
Not Now.
Don’t want to hear it again.
Not Now.
It can’t be now, it won’t be then
Not Now.

So many situations
I can’t come close to understand.
More and more people
Have nothing else to say to me.

Not Now.
I’ve heard it all my life.
Not Now.
Don’t want to hear it again.
Not Now.
It can’t be now, it won’t be then
Not Now.

I don’t complain.
Everything I have
I can give away.
Tell me your name.
You make me smile
Hope I can do the same.
I do it all day.
It really doesn’t matter
Or what time of day. Still
I don’t complain.
Everything I have
I can give away.

Following my earlier video project for Cincinnati Microwave Inc., I helped in another project for the new version of the company now called Escort Incorporated. I was an employee during the collapse, and it took a couple of years before the company built itself back up and I was re-hired. New owners but it still had the same family feel as more of the original employees returned to work.

In this project I was asked to write music for the soundtrack of a short info-commercial for Escort Inc. I also assisted where I could and eventually appeared in the video as well.

Our company designed, built and sold radar detectors for decades. For years it was a factory-direct order stream. No real resellers. We held a majority of the patents in the industry and manufactured them locally in southern Ohio. I worked in the Call Center starting part-time in Sales and then managing the Sales and Customer Service Departments over the years.

Out newest model was named the “Passport Max” referring to the maximum range it had. Our detectors had great range compared to most competitors, but this was the best to date.

Here is “Take It To the Max”

I wrote the soundtrack for this Escort Inc. Info Commercial as an employee.

This is a dated video I did while I was working at Cincinnati Microwave Inc. My boss knew I was involved with audio and video so they asked me to coordinate the video company they had hired for the project. So instead of my normal job there, I attended meetings to get and idea what management/sales wanted from this project. Then to all the departments to find out what they do and what looks really cool.

Soon I was given a hand full of details, stats and messaging material and the target length. After all the ingredients were there, we had the video company come in for the raw shots. I orchestrated each shot and got our footage while the plant was in production. The Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines were pretty amazing.

My next step was to write the script gained from the meetings. I selected one of my instrumental original songs for the soundtrack. I showed up to the editing sweet and had each shot planned out and sequenced. They pretty much watched as I lined up the scenes, audio and soundtrack. After video and soundtrack were correct length and finalized, they recorded my voice for the narration track.

There were no cameras allowed inside CMI, so I do not have any pictures through all the years I worked there. Again, the video is dated and the soundtrack warbles enough to give away it’s age, but I still get a kick from seeing old friends, and remembering those days. It was a great place to work and I am still friends with many a former employee.

From my Roman Catholic upbringing I think about religion a lot. I went to Catholic schools and attended church every Sunday, school days and holidays. I was an altar boy for years when we used Latin in our responses. I do not say we spoke it…. and dreamed of being a brother or priest. My favorite saint was Saint Francis of Assisi. He was considered to be somewhat of an outsider, but that was fine by me!

I couldn’t help myself. Looking around things just didn’t add up.

God is all knowing. God is kind and honest and good.
God sees all. God created the heavens and earth.
God knows what has been and what will be.
God is kind and gentle and loving.
WE are made in his image. WE shall rule the earth.
WE are the center of the universe
The earth fixed on its pillars does not move.
The sun and stars race across the sky for our entertainment.

The bible is presented as ‘the word of God’. Why would an
All-knowing being reference geocentric views that will be
disproven in a few short millennia? Is this God’s Mighty plan?

You might deflect by saying that god works in mysterious ways. Maybe.
It could be argued that these references are simplified stories to tell his children.
But this is more than a point of view. Humans with little science and mathematics could not possibly know this to be true.

God would know if he made it. This would be one more in a long line of seemingly unbelievable tenants of faith. And when humanity achieved the technology sufficient to the task we would be affirmed in our beliefs. Instead, we see time after time the references in the bible and other teachings directly contradicting science. This is but one of many errors religious teachings present as fact.

The bible and counterparts were clearly not written by god or from his hand.

Was this the Mighty Plan?
Does't this seem a little odd?
Let me help you understand
There never was a god.

The biggest problem many Democrats have is that they listen to every word Donald Trump says.

The biggest problem many Republicans have is they don’t.

The Chase

I just posted another vintage video to YouTube. This is a live recording of Euphoria in my early days with the band. We are playing live at Hollies in Springfield OH. for some of this post. This was a transition period as members of Euphoria took time off and a new band formed later to be called The Chase. I did use some video from the events but compared to hi definition available today, it just looks dated, because it is! Enjoy at night at home and some great live music:

Euphoria and The Chase Live

It grinds in your teeth when you walk
Then fades away so slowly it pulls you in
Lost in thoughts spiraling away at blinding speeds
You sit there with no plan, holding back a scream.

Don’t you just hate it?
When you get what you ask for?
Don’t you just hate it?
When you finally get what you want?

You keep asking for what you really want
If you really want what you keep asking for
Everyone knows, everyone but you
You never ponder how though obviously confused.

All that planning and slimy effort wasted
Did you think the end justified things from the start?
I’m not sure where this is going and I don’t want to know.
If this is what you planned, was it all for show?

Don’t you just hate it?
When you get what you ask for?
Don’t you just hate it?
When you finally get what you want?

Sometimes when a dream comes true
It turns out to be worse than a nightmare.
If it looks too good to be true;
For god’s sake take another look.

Don’t you just hate it?
When you finally get what you want?
Don’t you just hate it?
When you finally get what you want?