As the Live Sound Reinforcement Series (LSR) continues, I would like to share some of the events that allowed or inspired what I refer to as captured creativity.  Let’s address a couple things now; the most amazing show/event with powerful and talented performers has little meaning if no one is in the audience.  The performers will feel great and energized, but if there literally is no audience (even in the form of recordings),  it will be lost.  The other obvious reality check is no matter how talented and smart you are – or think you are – will NOT make you loved and famous.  Touching on my daughter’s gracious note to me, some of the most talented musicians out there we will never hear.  You will not find them in a search and no one will point you in their direction.   But they just keep on creating.  Soloists, artists, groups and garage bands.

I know that thrill.  I understand the communication link that HAS to happen when you perform with someone.  I first got that thrill in my preteens when I put some of my brother’s poetry to music.  In truth, I exaggerate; I played on bongos and sang a rough melody line with his poetry still intact for the most part.  I would get another type of thrill when I began to write lyrics and finally a bunch of ideas became a song. 

We also knew right away that I was not the best singer out there.  I never really excelled while playing various instruments but over the years I got pretty good at a few of them.   But at least I was a songwriter and I knew I had a powerful tool.   I love to teach by sharing.  Or is it the other way around?

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