It all started with my dad. I grew up with a recording studio right below my bedroom. He produced and recorded hundreds of original songs at home. The whole family got involved. We sang on tracks and gave our input, but mostly we just supported him, which encouraged him to keep producing music. I learned how to use his equipment, how to play the instruments, how to run sound, which eventually lead me to start my own booking agency to help unsigned bands/artists release albums, go on tour and have their music heard by as many people as possible.
I hate that it all comes down to money. I hear shitty bands being played on the radio every day, but these amazing bands are struggling to gain fans one at a time, go on tour with very little money, stay in shitty hotels, and do it all for the love of their passion. In my dad’s case, he barely had that chance. He put his music career on hold to raise a family. I wish I could give him back the time he lost. I look at him now, years later, still in the studio, still making music and struggling to have that music heard. All he wants is to share his art with others.
I’ve never really stopped to tell him how amazing and unique his music is and how much it has truly changed my life. It isn’t about the money, popularity or fame, it is about connecting with others, reaching people with his words and being able to do something that he is passionate about. If you have someone in your life like this, please take a moment to stop and tell them how you feel. Thank them for inspiring you, support them, and don’t let them give up. The worst feeling in the world is that you are fighting for something alone. Dad, this is for you. I love you and I will always believe in you.

  1. Sam McLean says:

    That is awesome, my parents and their love of music inspired me to love music too. Thats what is great about blogging, it connects you with other people who share the same passion. Nice one, Midimike!

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    • midimike says:

      I blame a LOT of things on my parents. Would I have been interested in music if my parents had not given me musical toys all the time, or was I musical and they gave me toys that allowed me to learn and grow into music? Either way, it is their fault, and I thank them every day! Music was my emotional lifeboat in my younger years and today it is a powerful yacht. And now I get the new bonus you mentioned: to connect to others sharing a wonderful passion. I appreciate you thoughts and your time.

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  2. Mimmie Dana says:

    Oh my gosh.. I started crying when reading this.. Totally touched my heart. Much love to you both!

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  3. Azul Zaffre says:

    WOWZA, if you got nothing else in your life–by way of recognition, wealth, whatever–this is HUGE, marks your value in the world, and to this little person you created. Misty-eyed response…

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