I was nominated for the Creative Blogger Award by https://toniumbarger.wordpress.com (Thanks so much for the kind words)

Here are the 5 Random Facts About Me: 

1) Before working at the music store, I worked for a Toyota dealership and sold – wait for it —– Used Cars!!!!  I even sold a used car to my future wife.  I knew and still know nothing about cars other than how to drive them.  I was quite successful and my strategy was not to overwhelm customers with specs and technical jargon.  I just found out what they needed and suggested a couple cars they would like.  I loved the work but hated the tactics and methods used by the managers, finance department and just about everything except the money.  It was not worth it to me so I quit selling used cars and started working at the music store for a lot less money. I also sold a car to my future wife.

2) In my last count including technical schools and college I have attended eighteen schools.  I did this count so long ago I can’t remember all the schools now! This is why I’m bad at names and good at getting to know someone very quickly.   I have a difficulties remembering names and places.  I knew family, but unless you were around for a long time, I simply didn’t try to remember names of kids at school, or teachers, or buildings, or neighbors.  But I was good at making friends and connecting with customers.  I can tell you every piece of equipment my music store customers owned, where they played (not by name… but location), and know what style of music they were into but could not remember their names. It is a real challenge in the sales and music industries!  If I could remember names and network, I would be dangerous!    

3) I have studied Martial Arts for years.  My choice to pursue Tae Kwon Do came from the name (I was told it loosely translated to open hand – open fist, meaning no weapons).  The other thing that I liked is they start teaching defense postures rather than attack moves.  If you were challenged and the ‘attacker did not play fair’ we were also trained how to incapacitate them or simply take them out if needed.   One of my songs has a line – ‘I am a pacifist that just loves a good fight’!  I have never had to use it against an attacker but the training and philosophy have lasted a very long time.

4) In reality, with all my posts on musical theory,  I do not read sheet music!  I know how it works and if I had to I could, but I learn and play by ear.  (I have to work at it but I get there)  If I need to use the sheet music to learn a piece, once I have learned it enough to play, I never use the sheet notation again.

5)  Speaking of cars, I guarantee I can teach any licensed driver how to drive a car with a standard transmission in less than ten minutes……..

Instead of tagging a few of you, because I really do enjoy so many of your blogs on a daily basis, I’m encouraging you to share a few random facts about yourself with me – Anything you want to share is welcome. I love getting to know you all and I’m thankful every day to be a part of such an open, welcoming and diverse community.                                                  

  1. Harmonie says:

    That’s an interesting person! Good luck. 😀
    Best wishes and regards.

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  2. DeniseBalog says:

    I love reading how you graciously turn your “blogger award” and pretty much what you put your hand to, as for good:) Random fact about myself, while cleaning and cranking up the music today, I still give thought to your “music” challenge! I am stuck somewhere between Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts! I kinda giggled thinking, only Midmike and I would “get” this… “We were a half a million strong…” And “I jump up, fell out of bed, dragged the comb across my head!” So there is a random fact Mike, becoming “blogging” neighbors with you has refreshed my music memories and life:) blessings, denise

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    • midimike says:

      now that is truly awesome! If you are going to be stuck, those are good places to be! Yes, I do get it. And if I can in any way help you or others to “refresh”, that is an even bigger reward. Thank you, neighbor.

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  3. Ivan Proust says:

    Congratulations, Mike!

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  4. Congrats, hope you chop the competition (that was terrible) and win the award.

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  5. Congratulation! You truly deserve it.

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  6. kathyrath says:

    Hope you win! I’m enjoying reading you. Random fact: I worked in a Sam Goody for a number of years; that indulged my already all-over-the-map tastes. I also totally get the whole call center-dealing with customers post further ahead. Especially during holiday rush – when the real gems come out to test professionalism 😊

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    • midimike says:

      Ha! Thanks a lot! That is so funny. It does ‘take one to know one’. That’s when all the gems come out, alright! Thank you for the kind thoughts and encouragement!


  7. complexlyme says:

    okay, so here are some random facts about me..
    1. I decided overnight to start a blog. I used to hate the idea of having a personal blog, but it came to me fully formed and I wrote my first three posts within 2 hours of starting it.
    2. I’m extremely random. It’s hard to keep up with my thoughts sometimes. Or harder for me to say what I feel most times.
    3. I think I have alexithymia.
    4. I love to read, write, do anything that involves paper and ink, i love cats, music, brick walls, stars, velvet, silver, amethysts, parchments, old forgotten places, the night…
    5. I’m 17.

    You are a really interesting person… im glad to know you. 😀

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