For another look into the times, Lack of Concern is a gem in a time capsule.  These were good times.  I was still working at the music store.  Playing with toys, buying a few here and there and energy I can only imagine looking back, LOL!   It was a period where a lot of music was written and performed.  Lots of projects.  Learning as much as we could.  Showing it to others!  That was the fun part.

The words in a number of my songs are important to me.  In the same way I have been told that aromas and fragrances can help recall a specific event in the past, lyrics do for me.  They are a portal that allows a connection to create itself again.  With that memory brought to the surface I can recall many of the events that inspired thoughts that somehow managed to become poems or lyrics.  I surround myself mentally in the time.

“Tease me with the truth, baby, don’t tempt me with a lie” is one that puts me back at that time, in that mood.  This song contains a number of those portals.  This song asks the basic question; … ‘do you know what you are doing and still do it, or are you completely unaware of what you are doing?”.  I just love the upbeat arrangement in this song.  For this song I had the Yamaha DX7S, their updated model and a drum machine.  My wife Ellen and I do the vocals. I play acoustic rhythm guitar parts and Shawn my buddy! comes over to play the lead and decorative guitar parts.  I just let him run wild during the entire song and pick the gems to accent parts of the song.   This may be the only time I have recorded this song.  It is also one I rarely play out, but I think it is catchy in its own way.

  1. Love the upbeat music! Yes, lyrics and music in general definitely transports me to different times and places.

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  2. wwwpalfitness says:

    Reblogged this on wwwpalfitness.

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  3. Sam McLean says:

    Great track! I love the DX7S’s brass and the tasty licks from Shawn. Your and Ellen’s vocal are perfect for the track and it even reminds me of a time in my life!

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  4. tracihalpin says:

    Like the lyrics and music! Music takes me back to memories filled with details. For example, when I hear Simple Minds Don’t You, I first think of the breakfast club which leads to hs which leads to meeting my former husband which leads to the 80s in general. A song is much more than just a song, as lana del rey says. It’s emotions, every kind. Listening to Adele I think about my past, my old boyfriends, getting older etc. Music is and has always been my friend who reveals the truth, the past, the present, and hopes for the future. Music is my companion in life.

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    • midimike says:

      You are wonderful. I mind-surf like that too when I hear rare or older songs. One connection goes to another totally different memory. Sometimes they bring up great events and there are tragic ones for us as well. And you are so right; that is the friend that reveals the truth. Experiencing or reliving emotions – feelings – in a different time and environment can be very enlightening……an instant replay for me. Tell your companion MIDIMike says, “Hi”.

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      • tracihalpin says:

        Thanks! It’s nice to be able to share my passion for music and all it’s deeper meaning with someone who totally gets it. Seeing u2 in paris last night playing October reminds me of hs, the 80s, playing the cassette in my room on my boom box, to my first show and boyfriend. No I wasn’t in Paris unfortunately. My former husband and I bonded through music, especially u2. This was the first tour I went alone. Last night I was texting him amazing shots from Paris show and I thought we will always have that, and she can never have that. It’s ours and that will never change. I like that thought.

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      • midimike says:

        I totally get that too!

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  5. Leeby Geeby says:

    Cool track. It reminds me a little of King Crimson or XTC. Great to hear more of your musical wares. Cheers for sharing!

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    • midimike says:

      I am honored. I have always loved KC and after A. Belew joined the group I have enjoyed them even more. XTC slams too so thank you. If you think my tune reminds you of those guys even a little, I am quite happy. I am still smiling!


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