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I try to look at disagreements with the following rule;

There are three sides to every story.

There is Yours

There is Mine

…… and The Truth is somewhere in-between.

Today again I heard a phrase on the news about someone wanting to start a conversation or dialog about a particular subject.  If it is a political topic, what this really means is they want the opportunity to shove their thoughts in your face.  Other bloggers have picked up on similar topics, so this is not unique to my personal experiences. I will not start a conversation like that but I have observations to share.  With that in mind think about that new toy you want to buy.  You have an idea what it does but not quite sure how it works.  It is not cheap, so you want to get a good deal.  Doesn’t everybody?  It is understood that sales or deals happen from time to time and you can expect some companies to offer quantity discounts.  Sales people expect and even appreciate this.  They do not expect you to even ASK them for a discount on a single small-ticket item.  Most companies will give you a discount on the printer for example, but you pay full price from there on to get the ink cartridges……

So you talk to the sales person for a while and they answer your multitude of questions to your satisfaction.  You say, ‘thanks’ and go home and buy the same thing on-line to save sales tax or to get more money off.
When it doesn’t work as easily as expected or not what they thought some people actually go back to the original sales person (who by the way may have lost the opportunity to make a sale or help another customer while you asked 20 questions and he did not make a dime from your visit… just saying) and ask for help.   When the ‘did you buy it here?’ question comes up, the sales / customer service person will rightfully no longer assist.  I want to ask again does everyone want a good deal?

I am old enough to know what the term tips in the food service industry came from.  It means To Insure Prompt Service.  You want your food hot, you don’t want to wait, tip the waiter/waitress.  I am more than willing to pay a sales person for their time and expertise.  As a sales person I EARNED the difference in price other stores might offer.

Some people may still want to have their cake and eat it too.  To some, I have to admit, they believe they get a ‘good deal’ by shopping for the best price and getting pre and post sales help for free.  That is just not how I roll.  That is my side of the story as a sales person.