I finally completed my response to Who Do You Love? Thank you all for your suggestions. I really enjoyed getting to know each of you a little bit better through your favorite tunes.

It was really hard to narrow this list down to a reasonable size. I have been influenced by many musical artists in my early childhood.  Even if I split them into separate decades there would be quite a list.  I would like to mention a number of artists – ones that might not be in the well-known categories.

I will get started by saying that Peter Gabriel including his days with Genesis is probably the first on my list of influences.  You can pretty much pick any of his stuff up and enjoy even if it is not your normal style.

Eric Burden and The AnimalsSan Franciscan Nights

Jimi Hendrix and The Experience – Little Wing, especially if you do not like Hendrix

Crosby Still and Nash – Almost Cut My Hair, I feel I owe this to someone

Aphrodite’s Child – The Four Horseman – this one just rocks but not sure what it means.

Simon and Garfunkel – At the Zoo.  I often feel like I am living in that zoo.

Bjork- Human Behavior.  I am going to cheat and mention her earlier works later, but she continues to put out a ton of diverse and outward looking music.  I do not like everything she does, but many of her songs are on my must have with me on the deserted island play list.

Black Sabbath – Fairies Wear Boots – again, you just had to be there LOL

Curved Air – Second Album, a bit low quality by today’s standards but this is some great prog-rock and the vocalist is pretty good.  Try Back Street Love, Piece of Mind for the darker side of the group and Puppets and wrap it up with Young Mother for a sampling of pro-rock history.

King Crimson has been a big influence for many years.  I could get you to the early years, but try anything since Adrian Belew joined.  There are too many to list but Three of a Perfect Pair, Elephant Talk, Frame by Frame,  Walking on Air, One Time, and Dinosaur are hard for me not to list.

The Beatles – A Fool On the Hill, ’cause I have to.

En Vogue – Free Your Mind, this is a test to see if your mind is free

Gentle Giant – So Sincere, Working All Day, Three Friends, Funny Ways or one of my favorite tunes of all time – Nothing at All.

Missing Persons – Give, this song and video have been playing in the background in my head every day of my life…… non-stop…… and I enjoy it every time I hear it.

Chaka Khan – I Feel for You, or Tell Me Something Good her vocals have just the purest power and emotion. Give me the chills.

James Brown – I Feel Good, for so many reasons, this is a great tune

Beach Boys – Good Vibrations, sorry, I just had to do that

Jefferson Airplane – Today, one of my favorite depressing love ballads of all time

Paul Revere and the Raiders  – Kicks, we still hear this theme being played every day.

Procol Harem – try Whiskey Train and the live version of A Salty Dog

Steppenwolf – Rock Me and Carpet Ride are pretty popular and rockin

Tear for Fears – Love to Rule the World, c’mon, doesn’t everybody?

Tom Waits – The Piano has Been Drinking, Nighthawks at the Diner and I think one called Step Right Up are killer tunes for the cynical crowd and a good laugh.

Zombies – Time of the Season is a classic song I often wonder how it got any air play at all.

The Sugarcubes – A Leash Called Love and Chihuahua should get you started in the morning.  I also recommend Gold as a great first dive.  Yes, this is the band Bjork was involved in prior to going solo.  For one more if I dare, try the spooky tune called I’m Hungry.  I have spent many long drives with this song.

As many have said, you could go on and on and so could I.  This was more difficult than I though and I have no doubt that I will think of a ton more later!  I have not mentioned a number of other styles of music as you would be cross-eyed by the time you got to the end.  Thank you all again for giving me new ideas and artists to enjoy.  A number of them I have no doubt will end up influencing me as much as the ones from my library.

  1. Harlon says:

    Excellent choices, when I think about it, music really is the greatest accomplishment of humankind. That’s my opinion and I am sticking with it. Peace, Harlon

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    • midimike says:

      You, sir placed the dart in the center of the bulls-eye! That is exactly my conclusion. I don’t think that I am wrong, but I am sure you are not wrong!! LOL Thank you – that was great.

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  2. bino32 says:

    I know most of these bands by name but I don’t think I’ve listened to many of their songs. Almost cut my hair is a pretty cool song. I also like King Midas in Reverse by CSN&Y.

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    • midimike says:

      I have found I can find at least one song in various styles that showcases the best of that genre. If someone does not listen to a wide variety of artists, the songs suggested in this series by fellow bloggers is a great place to explore great music without having to search coal to find the gems. Thank you for a great suggestion!

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      • bino32 says:

        You’re welcome. You’re absolutely right, though sometimes it happens that people only point out a band’s most famous song which are not necessarily their best. But, yeah, suggestions really make it easier to find some great music.

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  3. Some great ones in here for sure.

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  4. DarkStarReviews says:

    Hey! I’ve just started following, and thanks for following my blog as well. A great mix here, you’ve got a mix of classics and oddities (at least to me anyway!)
    It’s an honour to have a sound engineer as a follower!


  5. DarkStarReviews says:

    Great picks here! I could never attempt such a feat, as my list would be ever-changing, as I’m sure yours is. Ill give your blog a shout-out on my next blog post!


  6. kathyrath says:

    Now I have some more listening to do. Thank you for those- I have a diverse taste as well, and love hearing music new to me. 😃

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    • midimike says:

      Good! I will post part two of that series soon. Some bands I had to listen to a few times before I could give an honest suggestion. There were some really good suggestions!


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