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Here is an instrumental I want to share with you.  Much of story telling is history, and much of my history might be considered ancient history to many of you.  We take a lot of things for granted.  It is hard to imagine times without smart phones, GPS navigation devices and e-mail.  Well, it helps to imagine those times but in the music industry.  When the first synthesizers came out you could create really cool new sounds but you could only play one or two notes at a time!!!  The major studios had upped the game and could now record up to 4 tracks of audio on the reel to reel tape machines.  Computers were so slow and had such limited memory that it was difficult if not impossible to record hi-quality tracks without it crashing or losing what you just recorded.

One of those new amazing synthesizers was from Moog.  Even now you will probably recognize songs that used these new machines.  Moog Swing is an instrumental I wrote in honor of the Moog sounds, although I did not own one.  I programmed one of my tone generators to get as close as I could to mimic the classic Moog sound.  This is all MIDI tracks recorded on the Atari 1040ST.  I would have to look at my track-sheet notes to confirm, but I think the drum sounds came from a Yamaha RX15 drum machine.  This is the same drum machine I used on the road in Corpus Christie Texas and you can hear it again in the song “Our Bodies Move” from my earlier post.  Today, modern samplers and PC program plug-ins attempt to offer the popular sounds from the ancient tone generators and keyboards in wave play-back programs, but it is nothing like the real thing.